my online bullet chess addiction

Given that everyone (and everything) is in lockdown right now, the temptation for the bullet chess addict is all the more prevalent… find out just HOW many pointless bullet games Michael wasted his life on this evening, and what you can do to help him quit!?!

(1 like = 1 week off bullet chess, pls save my chess career haha)

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  1. I appreciate the fact that I don’t find much enjoyment in bullet

  2. Brother I can't let one day pass without going to lichess even if I don't play you just got that voice telling you to go there it's highly addictive. Unfortunately I am in the same situation so I can't give you an advice

  3. I think it’s a good idea to make a rule to only play chess IRL instead of online

  4. the classic dvoretsky and chill move, nice one

  5. OK, couple of things. If you only use Lichess to coach/work within certain hours, I don't know 9 to 5 maybe, then use Leechblock or something similar to block the site outside those hours. If you work during the day, and the time you're most likely to crack and play is in the evening, you could do that. Second thing, when you're thinking about other chess coaches or people around your level, is their bullet rating part of your opinion of them? I bet it's not! And I'm sure it's just the same when others think of you. If they do at all, most people think about us judgementally about 1% as often as we think they do 🙂 Hope this helps.

  6. 1 like for that 1 week off bullet chess. go relax and watch some anime

  7. I don't think the "one like means one week off" is going to work; who is going to hold you accountable? But there is a lot of information if you search for "gambling addiction" or "gambling disorder". One way might be to find a support group. Or maybe you can find out under which circumstances the addiction flares up. Is it when you are stressed or lonely or bored; some other emotion? Maybe you can find an underlying cause.

  8. On a positive note, if you ever find yourself in Amsterdam having lost all sense of time, you can just go to that pub and calculate the current date from the curvature of this guy's back. Sounds practical to me. 😀 As for the bullet: Just set an alarm clock to 10 minutes and if you are still playing when it goes off, agree with yourself beforehand that you'll play three intentionally horrible games and stop the session immediately after those losses. This should make you feel so bad that you won't do it thereafter.

  9. I plan to make a video on how this topic too and my plan for overcoming it by and it'll be on my channel by March 1st. I myself have struggled with this so hopefully it will be helpful. Stay tuned 🙂

  10. UPDATE: I'm now addicted to shogi (japanese chess) and have been playing a little too much on 😂 but tbh, it's been great for my calculation (essentially the calculation is the same as in chess, just with slightly different rules and pieces), and I feel like I'm learning so much with every game (as opposed to losing brain cells on bullet chess 🙃😂), so all in all I've been doing well since quitting bullet (well, "quitting" for the foreseeable future at least!). Appreciate the support and the comments everyone ❤️

  11. I feel as if I substitute one addiction for another. First it was WoW, then CS, then Dota, then Chess … it never ends.. the cycle never ends!!!!!

  12. From 100 to 2800 , almost everyone suffers from this

  13. Me too bro wasting so much time on chess too, been playing only 4 months but the time is going by way too fast. So many cheaters online it is pretty discouraging

  14. online chess is fine. but play the 30 minutes. 5 minutes chess is as useless as playing candy crush

  15. Man, thanks for sharing. I can relate, unfortunately. Anyway, I checked accounts of guys who played most games on chess com. They have all one thing in common other than playing a lot – they all just play very bad chess. Repeating the same blunders and same strategical nonsenses over and over again till kingdom come.

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