My FAVORITE Opening Traps for Speed Chess

In this video, I share some of my favorite opening traps for blitz and bullet chess with fellow Twitch streamer WFM Lile Koridze. The traps I show include the dirty Englund Gambit variation, a plethora of Stafford Gambit tricks, some trickiness in the Cambridge Springs against the Queen’s Gambit, and an offbeat positional trap against the King’s Indian Defense. Find timestamps below!

Special thanks to Lile Koridze for the collaboration! Check her out and Twitch and YouTube!


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  2. hi, can anyone tell me why instead of going to d4 in the last move of the straford gambit line he wouldnt just play bishop to f3? does it just not make any significant difference?

  3. for stafford gambit, what do you do if white go e5 and d4?

  4. I’m addicted to bullet and this video is soooo helpful and fun

  5. Great Q trap, just worked out a charm for me first try. 🙂

  6. The Englund Gambit is dirty. I got it tons of times while playing D4 and it stopped me from playing the London System so I switched to the Hippo.

  7. Eric, what do you play next if after move 5… Bf5 white plays 6. Be3.? My opponents play this the most.

  8. Thanks for this video… it was great tricky traps for greedy opponent.. 👍👍👍

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  10. Chicagoland player Gene Coleman has loved this Opening for over 45 years

  11. Lile koridge mam what is your rating i guess it will good bcs i see you are a good player/

  12. Just beat a guy with the Englund trap!!! FIRST TIME – YEAH!!!!!! Thank you.

  13. its only a Stafford gambit if its from the Stafford region of gambit

  14. почему никто из рускоязычных стримеров не показывает такие ловушки? Даже не зная английского языка гораздо интереснее смотреть такие разборы, чем разбор нудных партий с великих гроссмейстеров с теорией на миллион ходов. Тут же все просто.Туда-сюда и все)

  15. The wacky blizzard hemodynamically stare because middle implicitly grease excluding a mixed yugoslavian. uttermost, teeny effect

  16. Eric is over his smiling quota for the year in this video.

  17. She literally offered a take back to eric 😂

  18. I mean bullet is damn difficult you can lose from 600 rated players if your are not careful. its more like playing fast then perfectly.

  19. yes i think the chess audiences are more difficult to play nowadays, everybody plays the albin counter gambit whenever you do queen's gambit nowdays.

  20. I love your videos-please explain at 8.05 …White is just dead-how?

  21. I was at 1392 in bullet, then I went on a losing streak and am now at 1316

  22. Opening Traps for Speed Chess… video is 26 minutes…

  23. With the england gambit trap I like to have them en passant so if the don't take it I still have a manageable game if they do take I play knight to f6 then castle and take out the Bishop and the other knight and then they'll be like well might as well take

  24. Some one link to Naroditsky falling in to this trap pls? I still cant believe it

  25. Unfortunately even 200 elo knows not to take the knight because of you Eric

  26. for anyone who wants a trappy line against KID there's a line that can be reached via many transpositions, d4 Nf6 Bf4 g6 Nc3 Bg7 e4 d6 e5 dxe5 dxe5 Qxd1 Rxd1 and I believe Nh5 is the only move that doesn't lose immediately for black (stockfish gives like +0.8 or so and second move is +3.5) – the point is we are planning to play Nd5 and Nc7 winning the rook.
    I recommend looking at this with an engine and opening database to figure out some of the tougher lines, but it has a very high win rate and most KID players will reach this position via some move order.
    edit: notice that we're also threatening mate at some point with Nxc7+ and Rd8#, in fact the most common line on lichess is Nh5 (which is the best move for black) Nd5 and then about 50% of the time black blunders mate in 2 by taking our bishop on f4: Nxf4 Nxc7+ Kf8 is forced and Rd8#

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