Magnus v Hikaru! GOATs Meet Again 2nd Year in a Row! Speed Chess Championship 2023 Final !coinbase

It’s time for the biggest matchup in chess as Magnus Carlsen attempts to take down FIVE-time champ Hikaru Nakamura in the 2023 Speed Chess Championship Final presented by Coinbase! The SCC is the strongest online speed chess event in the world and our finalists have defeated a field including Alireza Firouzja, Fabiano Caruana, Gukesh, MVL, and Ian Nepomniachtchi in a quest for the title, and their share of the $150,000 prize fund!

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  1. 4:46:23 Lmfao, I know a lot of people here may not psychoanalyze things like this, but if you know the history between the brahs and Hikaru, which is actually legitimately a real beef unlike most "influencer drama", you know this was a troll attempt from Aman. You gotta know their personalities to understand why, but that was 100% a snub from Aman to bring up the one thing he knew will bother Hikaru about the outcome, that his "lifetime score" vs Magnus in the SCC is now 1-3.

  2. Magnus don’t need to run the clock to beat that clown 😂 my goat

  3. Magnus beating the big bad of chess restores all my faith in the world

  4. Hikaru is not only lightyears away of being a GOAT he only is a succesful streamner nothing more. GOAT is only reserved for the likes of Carlsen or Kasparov. Hikaru can only ask for a signature of Carlsen or Kasparov.

  5. IDK why, but feeling little bad for magnus. May be he is getting older. Its been many years already. His Brain deserve some rest, instead of getting more and more pressure.

  6. Baiting chess simps to gamble with crypto XD cant enjoy a chess match without losing faith in humanity these days

  7. The last game was absolutely insane! Magnus found that double rook sacrifice within seconds 🤯

  8. Horrible commentator aesthetic.

    Should at least have them in the same room…

  9. I know it's a reasonable strategy but I just can't help but feel pathetic for Hikaru when he runs the clock down when he is ahead as opposed to Carlsen just casually accepting draws when he is ahead.

  10. Magnus and Hikaru are amazing on this tournament. I've watched the whole game and it was fun even it is a 4hrs game.

  11. I just got rejected my crush, Hikaru is losing more upsetting than that.

  12. the chemestry that these 2 bring is amazing. Loved it!

  13. As a Hikaru fan I am really happy on the legendary achievement of Hikaru and respect to Magnus ❤❤❤

  14. Ra2, Hikaru must be kicking himself. He missed that. Even I saw it.

  15. Not a big deal, but I am pretty new to chess and try to follow along as best as I can and, if possible, would like you guys to add the +1 or +3 or whatever a player is up next to their name or next to the time the way it is on the app when we play. Love the coverage and the analysis but that is my little nitpick.

  16. Hikaru bleeding out the clock in the 3+1 may be a “completely legitimate strategy” as Naroditsky says but the problem with the strategy is you put yourself under a lot of pressure to do well in your strong segment. On a deeper level it’s a submissive strategy, refusing to play except on the terms that you prefer, which shows weakness, and that was reflected in the bullet segment. A lesser player might have been thrown off but I think at that point Magnus knew he made it right back into Naka’s head.

  17. I think Danya & Aman are a great tandem, but this match needed Danya & Hess, the best combo.

  18. from his description, I don't think magnus actually saw the mate in the final position. he was too relieved after a nearly lost game to find a forced draw (and match win) to even look for what would normally be a simple puzzle position for him.

    exciting game to be sure. also amazing to see how both players crushed every other competitor in their brackets

  19. Naroditsky is the standard.

    But he PROMISED to show the line!!

  20. In the interview Magnus was avoiding to promote SCC.

  21. This rivalry between these two is reminiscent to the great rivalry between Nadal and Djokovic in tennis. The competitive spirit and intensity they bring out is only matched by the Tennis greats

  22. Does this match affect the FIDE rating?

  23. Fast forward to 30:20 if you don’t want to hear these two dmbfck “announcers” yap for 30 useless minutes.

  24. I’m on day 3 of watching these games and they’re so much easy to watch on mute, without these two fa66ots on the right side running their ccksckers. Is there any good reason why we have to watch these clowns playing their own virtual game and not show THE ACTUAL GAME? Lmao.

  25. Aman is entertaining but he tends to say some off base things. Miss Robert Hess

    Edit: Aman also misrepresents what Danya has said to make himself look better.

  26. Naroditsky is look alike of the Young kasparov

  27. 3:00:05 Hikaru agrees to a draw despite he could burn the clock for 50 moves. No more talking about his fair play, period.

  28. F you hikaru
    I m so glad that b…thc was smashed
    For his milking time
    Hate it

  29. Far from best performance
    Veryweak play from both

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