Magnus plays RIDICULOUS openings to BULLY young prodigies in bullet

Oh magzy got abused by the Rapid World Champion instead ;D

Incredible book to learn how to CRUSH people like Magnus:


  1. He immediately knew that wasn’t it 😂😂

  2. Love his grin as he decides whether or not to tell the joke

  3. 0:15 "we abuse children in this channel"
    So now Magnus is a catholic priest?

  4. I can't see the line where magnus loses his bishop. Can someone explain?

  5. Imagine watching a chess stream,and asking who Tari is!

  6. lol that thumbnail with no context bruhh💀💀💀

  7. The guy in blue shert are too handsome ,, what is going on with you Magnus🏳️‍🌈🤔?

  8. We shouldn't speak everything we hear in our mind because the God and the devil can give us words. Scripture tell us take every thought captive under the obedience of Jesus christ. Believe the gospel that YESHUAH known as Jesus christ died on the tree shedding his precious blood for the forgiveness of sin than rose from hell on the third day ✝️ Do you believe??? now repent by asking the Lord to forgive you and come into your heart also renounce witchcraft in Jesus name beloved.

  9. "…but we abuse children on this channel"
    Proceeds on licking his lips

  10. At 2:09 White could win with Ke6, hence Tari saying "you were lost there!"

  11. I mean, they have it coming. They shouldn't have been children 😡

  12. Sorry Magnus, but that Fischer game was almost entirely forced after the Queen sac. Still incredible though

  13. I wonder how many beers 🍻 deep he is there.

  14. What is the knight move at the end of the clip?

    Edit: I think I figured it out. White's queen has to stay on the light square diagonal or else its checkmate by checking with the E-file rook. Magnus thought he pushed the queen off the white diagonal with knight f8 and so did his opponent (thats why he surrendered). Magnus then pointed out that the queen could have gone to h5. (I could be wrong but this is all I could think of)

  15. alright.. at 3:39.. where the game ends.. what is the problem? is there a mate or something that im missing? why is this sooo bad for white?

  16. was really hoping he’d say that. and he did. nice

  17. 🤣😂..dizzy when 3-4 tactical attack methods and positional strategies as well as traps are known to the enemy when the enemy is just as clever.. but chess is like life decides decisions and consequences is full of considerations and calculations… magnus is also human but he is the best at his game brilliant and also the attack idea is full of calculations and I think all GMs have their own abilities and the point is victory and achievement… good job

  18. make the chess game even more exciting and of course there will be more chess fans and important points in playing chess…

  19. hahahahahaha Magnus doesn't give a fuck

  20. In the first itself he himself got bullied… 😂😂🤣

  21. when a joke sounds ok in your head and you find out it wasn't in the very second you say it outloud

  22. "We abuse children on this channel don't we "- Magnus Carlsen..

  23. Who are these guys who sit behind Magnus all day and watch him play?

  24. Shout out to formerly sober gm from canada

  25. Metió las patitas en la primera partida ja ja ja ja

  26. “We abuse children on this channel “

  27. Had to set speed to 0.25x and turn the sound off to even follow this

  28. I like how Magnus always has his henchmen with him

  29. "I gonna give up a pawn"
    Me: what pawn?

    A lot moves after
    Me: oh, that pawn

    Mann, this thinking speed…

  30. lmao joke prob sounded better in his head :'D

  31. when he speaks from giving up pieces voluntarily you know you got no chance at all

  32. All I’ve seen is the child abused the world champion lol

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