Magnus plays like a MACHINE to CRUSH FASTEST CHESS PLAYER Andrew Tang in Bullet

magnesium showing the fastest online chess player who the boss is in Chess!

Incredible book to learn how to CRUSH people like Magnus:


  1. This reminds me of Glenn Gould playing Beethoven while simultaneously explaining his interpretive choices to interviewer Humphrey Burton. Everything looks simple (as Aryan joked) when a genius plays.

  2. Keyboard extension or just a really sweaty loser?

  3. I wish I could have fun playing chess like this.

  4. Magnus should grow his hair out long and start a band lol

  5. Magnus sounds like me (simple). But hes a yenius at this stuff wth!

  6. Annyira jó nézni és csodálni ezt a hihetetlenül gyors észjárást, amit a Magnus prezentál!

  7. I would like to enter into Magnus brain just to see chess highways he developed in his brain…It must be huge like Earth.

  8. me: oh what's that move, let me rewind
    whole game starts over

  9. being fast is good in some situations and bad in others… just ask my mrs

  10. Ah yens the pegwing – Benedict cucumberpatch probably

  11. They’re playing chess like it’s call of duty

  12. I think this dude has a bright future in chess

  13. Plays like a machine, must be cheating !

  14. We thought only Hans could play like a machine.

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