Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura – Bullet Chess (9 games)

Have you ever seen our World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen play bullet chess? Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura play some bullet chess, the final phase of the 2016 Grandmaster Blitz Chess Battle Championship’s match format. For me, this was the first time I observed Magnus Carlsen playing bullet chess, and interesting it was! Carlsen and Nakamura played a total of 9 bullet chess games in this final match of the championship, with the 1st game set as Fischer Random, and the time control set as 1 minute with a 1 second increment. Carlsen was the overall winner of the Championship, but how would he fair in the bullet portion against Hikaru Nakamura? Enjoy viewing what is almost certainly the best two bullet chess players in the world going head to head.

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Carlsen and Nakamura competed:


“Almost in F” by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ()


  1. 🔥9 bullet games between Magnus and Hikaru? Hold on n lemme activate my sharigan bcuz im about 2 steal some sh*t 🔥

  2. thnx for recording it jerry i was waitng for this 😀

  3. Why are you up so early, Jerry? I admire your enthusiasm for chess, but any time before noon is much too early!

  4. Having been able to watch it live, I did my darnedest to learn from it, glad for the chance to review it at my own pace.

  5. on the first game, Magnus blundered his queen just like that? :O

  6. Naka is a beast on bullet and blitz, maybe the best in the world in those two respects.

  7. Thanks Jerry…I've been looking for a sensible recording of the games without all the distracting nonsensical chat, etc. Nice soothing background music too! Good Job!

  8. My wife is complaining that there is no "soothing voice of Jerry" on this one

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