Magnus Carlsen vs Hikaru Nakamura – Bullet Chess (9 games)

Have you ever seen our World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen play bullet chess? Magnus Carlsen and Hikaru Nakamura play some bullet chess, the final phase of the 2016 Grandmaster Blitz Chess Battle Championship’s match format. For me, this was the first time I observed Magnus Carlsen playing bullet chess, and interesting it was! Carlsen and Nakamura played a total of 9 bullet chess games in this final match of the championship, with the 1st game set as Fischer Random, and the time control set as 1 minute with a 1 second increment. Carlsen was the overall winner of the Championship, but how would he fair in the bullet portion against Hikaru Nakamura? Enjoy viewing what is almost certainly the best two bullet chess players in the world going head to head.

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Carlsen and Nakamura competed:


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  1. this would have been much better with your live commentary 😔

  2. Ooh… no commentary ?? Why such an injustice?

  3. Bullet chess without commentary is really not for me. I have no idea why they are playing the moves they play. To me its just random movments until the game ends.

  4. Hikaru is the man. Jerry is the man. It doesn't get better than this.

  5. Can someone explain me the reason Carlsen took the knight at 3:18? I can't find a winning continuation for White there.

  6. I was really hoping you'd analyze this match 😀

  7. dont be lazy jerry!
    we need commentary duuuuuude

  8. That last game was a bit of a mouse click battle. I almost forgot about increment. Magnus hoped he would build up speed and Nakamura would blunder. I love chess. Everything is a factor.

  9. I was hoping you were going to post these games! I wasn't able to watch it live. I knew Jerry would have my back.
    Thank you! 🙂

  10. magnus, hikaru and bullet all in the same video title???? automatic like

  11. Dammit, Carlsen! Why couldn't u win for the white people!

  12. You should have added some commentary, and shared your insights.
    Anyway you are still the best chess teacher online

  13. That king dance at the end was dumb although I understand why Carlsen did it and what he was hoping for.

  14. Very calming music, Jerry. I'm glad you posted this, since I missed the event and I can watch it "real time" for myself and analyze it :). Warm regards!

  15. So many dislikes just because you aren't being serenaded by Jerry's magnificent voice. smh

  16. i was there live magnus just pwned him big time

  17. Wow what's with the dislikes. Is it because of commentary? To truly appreciate this just watch. Commentary will tell you how to interpret the games for you. Make your own observations and watch the magic. Artwork.

  18. In game 4 after Magnus has his little think, I get the mental image of someone tying a complicated knot. Seems every move after that is anticipated.

  19. 30:45 h3, white king must move back, black king can enter and carlsen wins the game. He had a second opportunity to do it too.

    Edit: Engine says M21. No successful counter attack by white.

  20. It Doesn't mean that he is a world champion meaning he can beat anyone ? This time NO. This is speed chess (bullet ) ? This is NAKAMURA a bullet master maybe CARLSEN can beat naka in blitz and classical many times over. But in bullet naka will crash magnus carlsen totally and completely

  21. Anyone got a link with these same games with commentary?

  22. Carlsen in real Bullet has no Chance against Naka this one ist 1+1 Minute Game a real Bullet Chess ist just 1Min for each .

  23. Magnus gives us a free lesson in How to Hold a Difficult Rook Endgame at 25:56. World champion technique!

  24. the last game was funny, magnus had some good triangulation tricks even though it is drawn

  25. Great music selection. I quite enjoy it, man.

  26. At 3:16 why does black doesnt move the pawn to secure imediate check ? I dont get it..

  27. Is this 1 bullet, or 1+1?
    And where did they play this?

  28. the only video on the youtube that I have to play it at 0.25 speed in order to understand what happens on the screen!

  29. why are the pieces placed at the start like that?

  30. This is not just regular bullet. It's mtfk bullet 960

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