Magnus Carlsen vs Andrew Tang Play Bullet Chess

Magnus Carlsen vs Andrew Tang (penguingm1) play Bullet Chess during a December 2018 Arena Tournament on Lichess. Streams synchronized from original videos. Here


  1. 1:56 kind of confused on why Magnus didn't play pawn to g4 here, that would have trapped Andrew Tang's bishop.

  2. wtf is the mans voice that andrew tong always listens to

  3. he lived to see 24, but he did not live to see 60

  4. And to think Magnus was 1 move away from being mated. Had he not moved his king first, every move would have been forced.

  5. Please don't ever stop making these videos

  6. do you have to capture the stream of each player at the same time, or is there a way to download both streams once the tournament is finished??

  7. You're that mod that donates to Ben Finegold all of the time eh? Good stuff man.

  8. Magnus with the Pikachu face at the end, plays slow.. loses on time 3:50

  9. Loved this buddy. Please make as many of these as possible. May I make a suggestion? If you can create Naka vs Hansen sync'd streams, that would be perfect. 90% of them end with Eric raging. Thanks again.

  10. Super. What a feel when you win Magnus even in your dreams wow

  11. There is always some issue going on with Magnus's camera!

  12. Magnus sings while playing fast chess. I don't remember singing while playing even blitz. 😂

  13. Who here knows the reason why magnus hasn't played on for some time now?

  14. I would like to know the rate of premoves in their games. It seems that it’s more than 50%

  15. Andrew Tang is really good. He didn’t qualify for the bullet chess championship?

  16. This vídeo looks so fake by the finish Carlsen web cam is Weird he dont do a move after losing the game

  17. Awesomeeeeee
    But to much unneeded sounds
    Just you guys chating or emotions are enough
    Thanks for video
    Waiting for more

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