Magnus Carlsen vs Andrew Tang Play Bullet Chess

Magnus Carlsen vs Andrew Tang (penguingm1) play Bullet Chess during a December 2018 Arena Tournament on Lichess. Streams synchronized from original videos. Here


  1. Who is talking in the background in a Russian accent?
    Who is rapping in the background?
    Who is playing music in the background?
    Who is turning on the TV?
    Who are those people?

  2. Is magnus singing gangsters paradise?

  3. Youtube playback speed : NORMAL
    Me = no way… Ok, i need 0.5x to watch this…

  4. For those who didn't understood what was the blunder
    If Nxg3 then white would take the rook on E1 check queen have to take the rook back then white would simply take the undefended rook on c2 before the queen was protecting it .
    I hope u understand it

  5. Doesn't chess help economy at all that's probably why they get paid less

  6. "I like it very much" by Magnus. He was using Borat's accent

  7. Who'd have thought we'd have a video of one of the strongest chess players in history playing bullet chess online while singing rap music and doing a Borat impression 😀

  8. Gangster Paradise 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  9. Through his first game magnus tells why he is a world champion

  10. Magnus and his boys singing gangsters paradise

  11. Magnus probably uses like 2 percent of his brain when playing these bullet and blitz, and still beats lol

  12. How did they get Luigi to commentate in the background?

  13. 😆 5mins blitz is about my limit for a half reasonable game.

  14. Now I came to know that GMs also Blunders!!!.

  15. why is it his voice is different from the other video when he was doing the 0.3 seconds on the clock video? lol

  16. Just at 2:36 as tang plays the move immediately after 0.1s there we go wow Magnus is god

  17. Magnus rapping Gangsta's Paradise is something I need to see more of

  18. GM Magnus Carlsen is also human

  19. Magnus is the most attractive man I've ever seen bro

  20. Magnus straight up blundered 500 level at that speed

  21. mangus & andrew tang are tied for play chess

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