Magnus Carlsen *NEW STREAM* | Blitz and Bullet Chess | 20 February 2023

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Magnus Carlsen streams on 20 Feb 2023 with David Howell

Magnus Carlsen’s Twitch-

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FIDE Chess
FIDE Rapid Championship 2022
FIDE World Blitz Championship 2022
Candidates 2022
Chess Candidates 2022
Magnus Carlsen
Hikaru Nakamura
Alireza Firouzja
Ian Nepomniachtchi
World Chess Champion


  1. dude had only 30s against 5 mins and still average accuracy was 95 mindblowing

  2. 41* is this they call botez gambit😆

  3. Poor David bro 😂 ps: the David looks like GM general manager killed me

  4. So… It's 1am where I live and I'm watching Magnus eating leftovers with his friends…

  5. Cool, the Davy crockett's hat.
    But Magnus shouldn't have stepped on it so often.

  6. You know she beat him check it and make reason.

  7. When she only gives you 30 seconds, but you only need 20 to get the job done.

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