Magnus Carlsen DESTROYS the FASTEST CHESS PLAYER in Bullet

Magneto teaching the penguin who’s boss

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Magnus Carlsen is a Norwegian chess player who has been dominating the game for over a decade. He became a grandmaster at the age of 13, the second youngest in history at the time, and quickly established himself as a rising star in the world of chess. In 2013, Carlsen won the World Chess Championship and has since defended his title multiple times, solidifying his position as one of the greatest players of all time.

Carlsen is known for his exceptional skill in the fast-paced bullet chess format, where he regularly defeats other top players in high-pressure matches. He has been compared to legendary chess players such as Garry Kasparov and Bobby Fischer for his strategic abilities and quick-thinking, earning him the respect and admiration of his peers. His greatest rival in the chess world is American player Hikaru Nakamura, against whom he has had many intense battles.

In addition to his impressive track record in competitive chess, Carlsen is also known for his willingness to take on challenges outside of the traditional chess world. He has played chess against artificial intelligence and has even competed in the World Blitz and Rapid Championships, where he won multiple gold medals. With his natural talent and dedication to the game, Carlsen continues to be a dominant force in the world of chess and a true legend in the sport.


  1. Wow, this DrDrunkenstein is good! Maybe he can try fight professionally

  2. He's listening to the Chronic album in the background!😁👍🏻

  3. Hes great but the Botez sisters are easier on the eyes

  4. This is like when Goku showed up on Namek and was way faster than "the fastest being on the universe"

  5. dude, I personally need 1-2 minutes just to make a single movement, and it still ends with blunder..

  6. Anybody want to believe ONLINE? Everything CLEAN?
    MR poker player

  7. I hope Dr drunkenstein stops drinking that much he has so much talent

  8. This guy is so good he should play professional

  9. I’m the worst player when I drink, but I played today pretty well while listening to a pastor. 😅

  10. He can become a world champion for sure. He's brilliant!

  11. He should talk to my uncle. He likes chess too

  12. He plays so fast, every move. How can he see and decide so fast ?

  13. well, i need 1 minute to move one piece 🤙🏻

  14. Says a lot about the game when you can pretty much play the whole game without even waiting for the opponent to move

  15. I'm was watching each move in x0.5 speed lmao….

  16. My brain had a stroke trying to figurire out what is going on 💀

  17. Don’t care about Chess is the slightest, just confirming the character of the guy who couldn’t take his L

  18. "Even when I'm close to defeat, I rose to my feet"
    Still Magnus 😂😂😂

  19. "I have to play faster"
    Instantly proceed to check mate

  20. I have to say the 1st opponent was pretty close to win

  21. Everyone talking about the Dr.dre but I was honestly bopping the tobu he was playing

  22. This streamer is good. He should try playing professionally.

  23. He made a few mistakes though. Could have won quicker

  24. These guys are so good they turned 2 minutes to 2 minutes and 10 seconds

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