Magnus Carlsen arrives late against Fabiano Caruana | World Rapid 2022 Round 12

The storied rivalry between Magnus Carlsen (NOR, 2834) and Fabiano Caruana (USA, 2747) in an epic one. For the first time in almost 11 months they are facing each other in a rated game. Who will prevail? Check out this new chapter in their saga.

Replay the game

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Wonder why Magnus keeps coming late….partying at night?

  2. he really arrange the pieces in an orderly manner 1st before moving iw as wondering if he knows the timer have started and if caruana was thinking like I will not say to magnus that the time was started so I can take an advantage HAHAHA

  3. Man’s gotta be showing up late on purpose just for the flex at this point lmao

  4. 5:26 GM like fabiano literally make a 500elo move. had to check with the rook how tf is he didn’t see that that? very odd

  5. really nice to see another draw between these two

  6. What an asshole. That’s like the 3rd time. They should take a point if he does it again. I bet he would find the time then. Really disrespectful to the other people.

  7. The way Fabi arrived and looking for Magnus is priceless.. Kudos

  8. Question, does the touch rule apply here? I know Magnus touches a rook 1st which there isn't a legal move for it to make. But let's say Magnus touched a pawn first when straightening out his pieces, would he be forced to make a move with that pawn?

  9. the more videos of him I see arriving late the more I would have to believe that he does this on purpose. Could this be like psychological game that he plays where his opponents start losing their concentration maybe?

  10. Digital board is always helpful.
    Hard to follow without it with such a camera angle.
    Please do this for all videos thanks

  11. *slow… clap….for the…….drawwwwww*

  12. I am a magnus fan and I do believe he is a chess god but arriving late against fabi is stupid if this was rapid instead of blitz it would have cost magnus badly

  13. What was the conversation at rhe end about?

  14. He thought he can go berserk to get extra points

  15. Unreal how Magnus is always late hahshsh isn't he sponsored by rolex? Why they don't give them a watch

  16. Cmon, Magnus truely has a problem with timing

  17. He has a habit of making opponents wait and always the last to arrive. Arrogant and disrespectful!

  18. He's always late. If you made a video about it every time he did it and posted it on YT, then YT would suffer a serious DNS for weeks. Maybe he's expecting everyone will stand up and applaud him and he will keep doing it until they do.

  19. I like Magnus's new hair style. He looks like the Mozart of Chess!

  20. What’s wrong with cumming late. It’s not illegal.

  21. It just seems like…there's a lot of hair in this video.

  22. I like how magnus still discussed after the match

  23. Он по-любому из за пробок наших опаздывает

  24. Carlsen never arrives late , rather he already calculates maximum time he needs to win

  25. Magnus was late cause he was combing his hair

  26. I think the cheap shampoo and conditioner that Magnus uses in these third country hotels plays havoc with his Norwegian thick hair. A crewcut would easily fix this unsightly dilema.

  27. arriving so late two times in a row seems a little bit too rude

  28. Carlsen's looking more and more like he just gotten out of bed these days

  29. If only my bills arrived as late as Magnus!

  30. Magnus is the face of pure arrogance. How many times has he done this now?

  31. He tried to catch the barber but obviously was too late there as well.

  32. If you arrive late the camera gets to see your shoes, PUMA and your shirt, good for him he makes more in sponsorship and that will help others going forward. Magnus is chess

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