Magnus Carlsen arrives 2.30 mins late for a 3 minute game | World Blitz 2022

It was drama time at the first round of World Blitz 2022, Magnus Carlsen arrived 2 and a half minutes late for a minute game against GM Vladislav Kovalev. What happened next? Did Magnus win his game? Why was he late in the first place? Check out this video to find out.

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Video: ChessBase India

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  1. im a beginner but i dont get why the game is over lol ahaha

  2. the guy is really piss of with all thinks surrond him…

  3. In 2018 I joined a chess club(got 3rd place), but this is just impressive.

  4. Does anybody think Kovalev was screwing up badly by giving Magnus time to think? He should have just played as quickly as possible to tie down Magnus and Magnus would have had no time to think. 30 secs to think is different than 0:30+3:00 to think, which is what Kovalev gave Magnus.

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  6. Am I the only one who is absolutely enchanted with the cameraman's flamingo legs (4:03) behind them ?

  7. …..
    and now we know why Neandertalis did lost.

  8. I respected Kovalev's act. He is good guy. Congrats Magnus.

  9. The sportsmanship from the waiting player. You can tell he doesn't like free wins

  10. Please, the more I look at these games, the more I realize how terribly slow Carlsen's opponents play!

  11. Chess base please put a small board in the corner showing the moves yaar.

  12. Why the hell did manz make 2 moves at 3:35 ?? Or am I just confused on how the game works

  13. This it what I don't get, who won!? show me a finish

  14. It's very fair play on Kovalev's part to let some time pass before playing to compensate for the delay of magnus .

  15. Explain to stbid how did magnus won or did he won yes i know In stubid but im curious

  16. Magnus Carslen: Will apply the French Defense if my time is less that 1 minute on the clock and I Win

  17. How embarrassing to lose with all that advantage.

  18. Must be nice to be a top player and offered privilege like this lol

  19. i’m confused on why the game ended i don’t see a check or a checkmate

  20. I couldn't see how the game ended, the king could have kept moving away from the castle but he called it rather than getting chased around the board?

  21. At 2:39, how was he able to swap the knight and the king, as the knight can only move left/right, up/down, and the king can only move a few spaces in any direction?

  22. "Inaugural move" actually is to sway the match towards the person they are secretly betting money on as an advantage. And the do it with a smile🤣🤣

  23. Why is there an ad at the end of the video. This is not allowed

  24. i’m confused why they ended the game if they could’ve kept going just a little bit still?

  25. What happened in the end there? Did Kovalev resign?

  26. Still beats the enemy in 30 seconds on his pyjamas and tight pants 😂😂😂

  27. Yo creo que Magnus tiene conectado un chips en el cerebro !!

  28. What he said at the end was: «i got stuck in trafic, and it was lucky because the round got a little postponed. Now im gonna go change and hopefully be ready for the next match»

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