Live Bullet Chess: IM Bartholomew vs. NM Peter Giannatos

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A friendly game of 1+0 over-the-board bullet at the 2015 London Chess Classic.

White: IM John Bartholomew (FIDE: 2443)
Black: NM Peter Giannatos (FIDE: 2149)


  1. Guys imagine a chess clock that can reveal chess board like a projector and have an artificial intelligence to know where the pieces that will be like chess. And when the player makes illegal move it produces a buzz sound

  2. Thanks to a subscriber, Mia, for recording!

  3. I could not keep up with the speed! If I was playing I would just blunder or play aimlessly.

  4. Thanks Mia! John, have you ever played bullet with giant pieces on the street? It should be in the Olympics.

  5. Your chess board looks like the ICC board ha. You play better real-deal bullet than I can with a mouse! Where are you in this video? Get home safe.

  6. John's trash talking under the guise of friendly commentary is on point

  7. Hey John, what software do you use to record your ICC games?

  8. Great video as always, John. How old were you when you started playing chess?

  9. I love it! These casual OTB games are very entertaining.

  10. Great game John, you didn't happen to hussle people on the street for money while you were there did you? Lol.

  11. John saying "this is a line?" like we don't know he plays the exchange KID all the time

  12. "Oh, sorry."  Only John would say this during a bullet game.  🙂

  13. your opponent sounds like Denny Ransch. Are you sure the title is correct?

  14. Who else plays worse even with an hour on the clock…
    Everyone reading this:raises hand…

  15. I don't get it? Did he forget to say check so that counted as an illegal move or what happened?

  16. How quick it is;;;;; lol.

  17. Wait, why couldn't he of taken the knight? If you get checked do you lose?

  18. Where can I get a light blue and bright white board like that?

  19. Lol~ Somehow this reminds me when I was playing for my high school at national level 😡 I would just sit there and not make a move and pretend as though I am thinking. Why? My opponent forgot to press his clock. xDDDDDDDDDD Noticed it after like 4 minutes, 15 minutes game. 😛 He lost, have to make faster moves very turn. Do you guys remind your opponent when they forget to press the clock, proceed to play like usual or play dumb until they notice their mistake and press the clock? xD

  20. This is exactly how two ear old kids play chess.

  21. Watching Bullet chess is fun, not playing it yourself tho

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