Bullet Chess Autopairing – “Real ratings” at last :)

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  1. also uses autopairing in blitz now but i guess its a little more laggy-time delay than this new Lichess thing

  2. The pools are fun – got to try a bit last night – gonna be a good weekend! =)

  3. i like that indian proverb quote, very cool intuition

  4. haha, spends the video talking down ratings, ends the video trying to get 2200.

  5. lichess has some  very advanced features, truly a great opensource chess website

  6. Bigger board from Lichess on the video is very nice!  Capturing the smaller region was a great idea.

  7. Very interesting to watch, but less efficient for people like me to improve our Chess skills, as we can do when watching your 5 min auto-pairing, where you analyze every important move & explain what goes in the mind of a GM before making the next move.
    But very fun to watch here, you winning every game while talking very calmly about the philosophy of Chess 🙂

  8. I'd like to see a 3/2 pool, FIDE regards it as equal to 5/0, so that should be good for level commentary.
    Thanks for enlarging the board, the whole lichess display would be fine on my 1900×1200 24" monitor but impractical on my 1900×1200 Nexus 7.

    I had a look at the website, I liked what I saw – though I didn't really like playing online when I gave it a try – but there's not a lot of info. What distinguishes Fuller from other tournaments?

    I noticed Fuller in particular because Max Fuller was a leading Australian chess player of years ago, a devout player of the Modern Defence, and like other Australians of his generation, spent sometime in Britain.

  9. Are you streaming/publishing, jrobichess ?

  10. I can barely even watch 1 minute and see the tactics, let alone play it, I blunder pieces left and right. 5 minutes is my limit and that's still even a little too quick for my liking, but I'm getting better. I prefer longer time controls 10-15 minutes, this way I don't blunder out of the gate due to time pressure. But like anything else, I guess I need practice. Nice video as always KC.

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