Levy Plays The #1 Bullet Player

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  1. Average bullet player when long format 💀

  2. That guy doesn’t deserve to be number one, I’ve played his alts and he is 2950 on a good day- he just farmed to that rating and sat on it for an eternity- they should remove him from the leaderboard

  3. Hikaru and the Gotham Knights showed up in my Google news as Hikaru won 4/4

  4. Doesn't matter how good you are there is always someone better than you out there

  5. Levy, please don't stop saying *OPAA*

    Sincerely, Greece

  6. Brilliant strategy to stall your clock to activate your bullet instincts, doesn't always work unfortunately

  7. i guess im the only one that noticed it said "you won — by resignation"

  8. I was looking at the leaderboard yesterday, can anyone explain why Naroditsky's win loss ratio is monumentally stacked in the loss department? Surely he hasn't lost that many games. Like 67% of 40,000 odd games.

  9. No way could I do bullet chess, I would lose everytime

  10. That looked so easy. Obviously my 600 rated ass could have won this game

  11. So I guess it can only mean that Levy is #1 now.

  12. ישראלי גישיו'גויש'ןגישן'

  13. look, before any of u start replying to this, I dont play chess, but my friend does, and he lets me play bullets sometimes cuz we have nothing to do. now, I have a question, if you move everything really fast, doesnt have to be the best move, just a quick one that makes ur opponent have to think for a second more than you, dont you just almost always gurantee a win?

  14. Walmart Daniel Radcliffe is too full of himself, very annoying at times.

  15. strange…starts off introducing a player that he/she is 3300 rated but in game, it's 2700

  16. i am israeli too and this guy is me cousin! thank you

  17. Video idk of asking levy to go on a new account and grind up to 1800

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