Let’s Play Chess: Bullet Brawl With IM Daniel Rensch 01/11/16

IM Daniel Rensch joins #ChessMonday for a special bullet brawl episode with plenty of trash talk and fun chess.

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  1. 33:45 Danny, against dxc5 play simple Qa5+ winning the pawn back. You can then, for example, bind White with d5 at some point, or try for a strong indestructible centre, which you use for an attack, like in reversed Queen's gambit accepted. I have always been taught that dxc5 is a huge issue for White later on, because Black simply can get a strong grip in the centre.

  2. ahh man been waiting for this for a long time.

  3. I haven't watched a bullet brawl in so long I forgot exactly how much I love this guy..Miss you Danny!

  4. "But I will sing some Bon Jovie." That had me laughing for a solid 5 minutes.

  5. "with enough L's, K's and M's to build a house" lmao

  6. this one was so good and educational

  7. DANNY, could you please put an app on chess.com that allows you to favourite and keep your favourite games in an archive? I've lost so many cool games that I've played and I think this app would be awesome!!! what do you think?

  8. that first game, before resignation (3:19) had a nice looking setup, it really was just beautiful and really reminded me of that one famous game… "Kasparov vs Topalov – Kasparov's Immortal" [did a quick check]. Is that normal in anyway? The king in that pocket of pawns

  9. Watching Danny give people a concussion is satisfying.

  10. that's my favorite song from So i Married an Axe Murderer… she took my cat.. she drank soup… jajajajaja

  11. Honestly I don't like the techno-gym-pump-your-body beat on chessbrah, so… thank you Danny. Even if it's Bon Jovi.

  12. I like your dance when you do checkmate him, love ya Danny

  13. Oh man. That old lady Brooklyn voice came out of nowhere and is awesome!

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