Just A Casual Bullet Brawl

Hikaru does the September 2nd Bullet Brawl and casually knocks out the best of the best chess players out there – This is Part 1


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  1. how is this guy a full grown man lmao, blocking the scores with chat so they cant see hans and question why the aint matching hahaha

  2. It's a pleasure to watch Hikaru play. What a beast!!

  3. Always love watching your games vs Danya! Could you possibly do a video lesson on your opening repertoire for beginners similar to your one for the KID?

  4. This is so nice that the chat box is back.

  5. My fav chess streamer, watching him almost everyday. GG why not!

  6. Ia there only 1 Fischer Random event that they top players play in??

  7. watching hikaru play bullet i will always rewatch one more time but with pauses to consider why and how hikaru moves each piece, and i learnt a lot from these not gonna lie

  8. 46:30 Let's go for the Tickle Tickle… – GM Hikaru to his opponent 2023 XD

  9. imagine being a 2700, getting blown off the board by someone and seeing them on stream being like "I am definitely playing badly" hahaha

  10. that first game was CRAZY

    down 20 seconds, still equalized.

    also that knight maneuver that took advantage of danya premoving checks with his own knight was the icing on the cake

  11. How come we cannot see the standings? Like whos in 2nd 3rd etc? That should be fixed… All love Hikaru either way

  12. We doesn't even need a scoreboard. The only question is will Hikaru reach a perfect score of 300+ or not? 😂

  13. 4:31 Absolutely crushes bortnyk SMOOTHLY and Hikarus like “I still feel like In not playing well still feel really shaky ” haha Hikaru’s his own biggest bully, but thats what makes the legends so legendary!

  14. I am 800 and get stressed as fuck while playing rapid and Hikaru plays GMs like it’s just a normal game of tic tac toe… what an insane level of chess study this guy has.

  15. The chat covering the leaderboards and time feels worse, would be nice if the editor left as it was before or moved it somewhere else.

  16. "Tickle, tickle, mate" — Hikaru "Bobby" Nakamura

  17. Why did you block Hans??? Play him! You will obviously smoke him!

  18. "Very shaky, very shaky, out of sorts" 3-0 with wins Danya and Bortnyk lol

  19. Hakiru: destroys two 3100 players
    Also Hikaru : I'm definitely not playing well here

  20. Wish we could see the scoreboard and chat 🙁

  21. The best thing ever Hikaru playing bullet ❤

  22. That Guitar Intro is like a hit of caffeine !!!☕🎸🎵

  23. This is Hikaru not playing well? 😂 dude is legendary

  24. The music here is way better than on the actual stream.

  25. Is there any reason why the scoreboard is hidden?

  26. we need live rankings too mr editor

  27. would prefer to see the scoreboard over twitch chat

  28. @GMHikaru, when will part 2, pls? This is Amazing 🎉

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