INSANE FINAL MATCH: Magnus vs. Hikaru!


0:00 Intro
1:10 Blitz Segment 1
8:15 Blitz Segment 2
17:18 Bullet Segment

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  1. Clock stalling by a GM? He couldn't have done it against Magnus without stalling but is still a champion? What rule is even that 😅🤣😂

  2. yeah it was awesome, the bullets were ripping.(magnus is getting better at fast chess)

  3. please do a recap of the football World Cup final!

  4. anyone else remember the warriors cavs final in 2016.
    This time the warriors didn't blow a 3-1 lead 🤣


  6. "Football fans are crazy" says the man whose own sport had an anal beads-related controversy not so long ago 😅

  7. Do I think you can cover that many games with as much hot air as you blow into the rest of the video? Even I am surprised at times.

  8. Insane that you managed to cover 17 games in one recap – Truly the goat.
    One suggestion for if you cover an event in a similar format in the future(if you even read this): Maybe give updates every so often on how much is left on the match clock so we know how big of a deficit an X game lead puts somebody at relative to how much time is left.

  9. Did this dude just call us fan base goats

  10. thank you Levy for sharing with us your passion for chess and your hate for american football. And quoting Stan on the way, love the passion <3

  11. Easily one of the best videos by Levy. Amazing stuff!

  12. Levy, what was that German word u used again?

  13. Quick question why does Hikaru cry on stream about people who beat him on the clock when they are in a losing position if his entire strategy in tournament chess is to do the same?

  14. Wait can someone explain why Magnus lost in the Bullet Segment?

  15. I don’t like this type of content as much as others because I am too dumb to appreciate it 😂

  16. Like Europe doesn't have soccer riots lol they trash the city when they win lmao

  17. I love the clock in games but the sound of the moves doesn't seem right to me

  18. might just be me but Hikaru should be iron man in thumbnail

  19. Football is the most chess like sport, no sport is more strategic than 🏈

  20. never thought in a chess match he would be roasting the sport of football >:( 12:45

  21. This entire SCC really shows how dominant Hikaru and Magnus are in speed chess.

    I mean, this was the only match either had that was even remotely close. Freaking legends. 👏👏👏

  22. No idea what happened. But the commentary! Took a long time for me to subscribe but, come on! That was awesome! Subscription more than earned. Looking forward to more. Thank you and Happy Holidays!

  23. Don't know how to make the speed chess match any different, but goddamned it was frustrating to see all the stalling. But this match and the famous Nepo vs. Magnus 6th game are the most breath taking chess I have ever seen.

  24. Thank you, I'm new to chess but it was as good as UFC match to watch on your channel! 🙂 (from québec/canada)

  25. The guy who will never be a GM and who has to resort to dick riding GMs mocks people who believe bleeding the clock is bad sportsmanship… Typical wannabe

  26. GothamChess 2022: "Football should be played with your feet". WOW, I would have never expect that from an american streamer, and I totally agree. RESPECT.

  27. This commentary was outstanding, but what got me the most was the offhand quoting of Dido at 9:30 😀 😀 😀
    (That, and the equally offhand "How many pawns does this man have? Four, literally, I can count them!” quip.)
    Levy, your showmanship speaks for itself 😉

  28. I‘d love to see a Guess the Elo with clocks shown like here!

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