INSANE FINAL MATCH: Magnus vs. Hikaru!


0:00 Intro
1:10 Blitz Segment 1
8:15 Blitz Segment 2
17:18 Bullet Segment

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  1. Wow…. (and if I can make one really useful addition to watching this: play it at half speed 🙂 Levy sounds drunk and relaxed and you can even follow what is happening…. 😉 )

  2. I hate how anxious you make me with your commentary. It's beautiful thank you!

  3. 12:36 Thank you Levy for acknowledging that. American Football as we call it, sucks, it's stupid. Anyone can throw and catch with their hands. Any one can run with stuff in their hands, that's the most natural thing. Doing it with your legs, that's when the magic begins.

  4. Levy is the best thing in the history of YT!

  5. "Football should be played with your feet" – the first smart american

  6. American Football is like American labor day. Establishes our identity in opposition to the 🌎

  7. wow! stellar job with the recap! thank you very very much Sir

  8. Only my favourite youtuber can start reciting stan or Thank you in the middle of a single take recording 🤣🤣🤣

  9. 2:07 “MAGNESIAN THINGS”… I will start using the word “Magnesian” in everyday life.

  10. "I'm a Knicks fan though so it's kind of depressing" This had me rolling from laughter 😂

  11. Is it just me or is magnus seem depressed, hope he's OK, at the end of the day guys the games the game

  12. Can someone explain to me why the timers go up and down? I always thought they only counted down. Is it a system issue?

  13. RECAP GOAT! Please keep speaking with your quickness, I love it and I don't have to use my google chrome extension to increase the video speed. Thank you, and stay strong!

  14. pls be more carefull with your eyes …

  15. "I'm a knicks fan though, that's kinda depressing" broooo lmaoo

  16. Procrastinated my history project, I don’t regret it. Amazing recap.

  17. Your best video yet. Amazing performance. Kept the tension all the way until the end and didn’t give away the winner. Thanks!

  18. I barely know how to play chess and you kept me engaged throughout this whole 30 minute video. We’ll done

  19. I love your storytelling Levy great energy, thank you Gotham

  20. How’d we get from a chess game to talking about drunk dads fighting, grilling, and playing football. What a strange world this is.

  21. "I'm a Knicks fan though, so that's kinda depressing."
    Also a Knicks fan. I felt that.

  22. Golden state warriors just OK??? Didn’t they just win a championship… stop the gap Gotham

  23. Dont know shit about comp chess and I watched the livestream. i was just feeding off the reactions from the commentators lol. I didnt get how it was so hype at the time lmao 💀 😂

  24. I dont understand this!!!! How do you manage to be so entertaining!!

  25. Supposing there had been time for one more game, and it ended in an overall tie, what would have been the tie breaker?

  26. I think Hikaro took pity and became a bit inattentive.

  27. This is easily my new favourite chess video. Love how colorful and enthusiastic your commentary is Levy. Amazing 👏

  28. Im just watching it cuz I know how to move piece of chess but didnt know the tactics xD and I didnt even know who win can someone reply if hikaru or magnus win?

  29. "Football should be played with your feet"

    TRUE DOOD lol

  30. LOL I'm Dying!!! @ 9:22 – Levy you always have the greatest way of subtly dropping a hilarious underhanded comment. It always gets me when I least expect it. Thank you.. PS. Hope you aren't dead from Covid yet

  31. dude im like watching a live heavy activity sports. that is why i love chess and thats what i like about your vids levy nice job

  32. I digress, I digress, I digress. You talk too much bro and change the words sometimes!

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