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  1. She is soo cute when she's happy.😊😊

  2. Play with me i will down ir rating I am GM in Chees

  3. What is the rating to become a grand master?

  4. Now wait for a couple of minutes and watch that dwindle back to the old times 😅

  5. I may look dumb but where did the enemys queen go?

  6. The 2500rated players youtubers play are so bad how come do the Youtubers play against the worst 2500 rated players

  7. Big W but anyone got the name of the track???

  8. Bro that white queen disappeared faster than my dad

  9. Please don't committee to go bald again 😅

  10. Alexandra: I got 2500 rating in bullet.

    Meanwhile Levy, who got an estimated rating of 3200.

  11. I did that yesterday and dropped back down to 2410 sadly my user is Just_Rad

  12. Anyone else notice how beautiful Alex looked when she won there…

  13. By the way, he is an Algerian player. It is rare to see someone from Algeria with a high rating 🇩🇿

  14. So used to the pro-gamer rage from a blunder, wasn’t prepared for the heartfelt smile.


  15. Is it website or app?And it would be great, if you guys told me the name

  16. I’m suprised in that game you didn’t hang the queen 💀but anyways gg

  17. where did the queen go 💀 it got en passanted fr

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