I Played Bullet Chess Against A Woman Grand Master!

During the European Woman Chess Championships in Romania I met Dina for the first time IRL and we decided to do an IRL stream with some blitz and bullet games. This was pretty much our first time playing in 3+0 and 1+0 OTB, so expect some chaos! Enjoy watching!!

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0:00 Intro
0:56 Game 1 3+0
10:20 Game 2 1+0
14:04 Game 3 3+0
21:02 Game 4 1+0
23:54 Outro

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  1. Had to think waaay too long to figure out what this new OTB chess was…

  2. Two of my favourite Queens of Chess!🌹

  3. Nice wedding vlog although the two girls playing chess were talking a little bit loud 👍

  4. Anna-Maja has such a bubbly personality. Really cool to see you clash with Dina and her trash talking!

  5. Good opening strategy of Carokann. Next time you'll explain the french opening.😀

  6. On 19:57 Anna-Maja's clock keeps ticking down after she hit it – luckily it didn't have any consequences. 😀 This was a fun stream, great to have a YouTube version that we can watch for eternity!

  7. Anna-Maja knows better french than Dina, cause its une baguette and not un , And gave her a good spanking in the end well deserved….

  8. You are very pretty. I found you from Dina's video. She talked too much trash. Not very nice!

  9. Came from the Belenkaya channel, enjoyed the games, and how much fun you were having.

  10. Anna-Maja, you are absolutely perfect. I may not play as good as you (my rating is 1520), but I am a fan of your game.
    There is no flaw in your play, it is like poetry.
    I am ashamed, because we are the exact same age, and I don’t play even close as good as you do.
    I did started playing 8 months ago, but I wish I started playing chess as a little boy.
    You are amazing 💛

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