Human Chess In Real Life With 32 Real Humans As Pieces !! You Win Or Dié

An emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game.

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  1. I will never look at a chess board the same way again

  2. loses one game to a super computer gets PTSD

  3. bro why people laughing at him you put a bot on easy and u get rekt in 0.7 moves💀

  4. I thought they actually stabbed the person and i was worried. But it turns out they're innocent and fake, lol.

  5. the guy that reviews the movie is scarier than the movie)

  6. the end is like getting rick rolled

  7. How did he fall to the ground if the knife was fake??? wth

  8. Plot twist:
    At 10:43, everyone includes the chess pieces that were trying to kill him. Ally/enemy plot twist right?

  9. "Akira is tripping balls" basically the only thing you need to know about the movie

  10. Alcohol and gambling, clearly a great tactician.

  11. “It’s just a prank bro”

  12. Kings can't die, only captured

  13. How to beat a computer at chess:
    Use illegal moves. They can't win if you break the rules.

  14. I just relize that the king did a an illegal move and that mobe is king protect queen like how

  15. Magnus would also lose to stockfish but he is not depressed

  16. That knight was supposed to be a rook

  17. Wait what about first one who get stab and he help him

  18. bro what is the name of the movie I trying to get it for so long now

  19. how to solve depression. tramatize him for life cus yes that will help XD

  20. When the wife started laughing after his death i thought what a bi… and then got surprised

  21. Dharma Varta धार्मिकवार्ता says:

    Good movie

  22. What was this chatGPT chess game. The guy sacrifices a knight, rook and he bongclouds and gets to a checkmate position against an engine. Don't even ask me why the board kept on changing.

  23. Bro I really tough that the wife betrayed him 💀

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