Human Chess In Real Life With 32 Real Humans As Pieces !! You Win Or Dié

An emotionally broken chessmaster pressed into playing a real-life game.

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  1. it dosent mean that the program malfunctioned. It is an ILLEGAL MOVE…..

  2. Are we not gonna talk about that he didn’t checkmate at the end? IF YOU CHECKMATE THAT MEAN YOU WIN Akira is dumb…

  3. I’m sorry but what the fuck they were playing? Every single position makes no sense, at a certain point the rook eats the enemy rook but in no scene the pawn was eaten, and no illegal move but moving the king to be eaten IS an illegal move!

    And also, what psychopath though “the best teraphy to snap him out of his PTSD is to turn chess into a life or death game. “?

  4. Squid game but main character is rich to poor and is a spectator

  5. Man Looses one game of chess and gets PTSD, the movie.

  6. What if the knife was accidentally swapped with a real on at the end

  7. Checkmate? nahh i rather sacrifice the king

  8. This is scary but Nice video!

    But I would recommend watch the Shiloh and Bros version if this video is too scary too you!

  9. Being a pawn in this would suck because you know what’s gonna happen

  10. bro i dont even play chess but when he said that the bot couldn't comprehend his "self sacrifice" i literally started laughing at the thought Ye no wonder the computer stopped working after doing an illegal move

  11. "So, to help him get better, this crowd of people traumatised him – for life." I can't-

  12. This looks like possibly the single worst movie to ever exist.

  13. But what if he sacrifices the queen because he was winning

  14. That was really nice! I loved the twist! ☺️🌿❤️

  15. Lol in what world is it a shame to lose to a computer. A thing programmed to win

  16. This is why people,
    Chess is a game of amaze

  17. bro this is the biggest plot twist bro

  18. 1:31 "living in the streets"
    Later:rook gets taken and magically has a house

  19. King walks himself into a checkmate….What a dumb movie…2 out of 10 rating


  21. Watch till the end for the twist! 😊

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