How to Win at Bullet Chess: The Alireza Trick

Want to get good at bullet chess? This isn’t the video for you. If you want to swindle your way to victory, Hikaru shows you exactly how to do that and exactly how not to do it at the same time.

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  1. Bullet chess by GM's is always so cool to see

  2. I was looking forward to the story about the mug : (

  3. I somehow enjoy the bits of the stream where he ignores chat and just absolutely annihilates his opponents

  4. sometimes hikaru is more like a chess player than a streamer


    Not that you'll care in the least. But I just watched a sub battle with you anna and gotham. The way you bullied and flexed on gotham was extremely disappointing to see. Why are you flexing on him? He's an IM everyone knows you're better and the guy clearly looks up to you , why would you treat someone who looks to you as a friend like that? I really hope Levy just works independently from now on because you clearly are a toxic influence on someone who only holds you in the highest regard. As someone who was bullied through a majority of their life and never really had friends, I thought I found a safe place in the chess community but it's clear to me that you're just a bully and the kind of person that wouldn't hesitate to remind someone of "their" place. Im sorry I ever subscribed to this channel or looked up to you.

  6. 6:42 that laugh, after winning from a completely losing position. Applies to life in general xD

  7. Hikaru's & Alireza's 5Head bullet tactic: anticipated the miss-anticipated move, and then get backfired by anticipated the miss-anticipated by the opponent move.

    …. and win by timeout and flag the opponent anyway OMEGALUL

  8. Calculations could be wrong but move with believe in your work actually wins game. Chess teaches you to believe?

  9. Poor GM Botnyk was used as a punching bag after the loss

  10. ive commented before on how people shouldn't question other peoples apperances but hikaru that coffee is doing a number to your teeth man, i'm in the same boat as well. Teeth whitening is expensive as hell for someone like me but you'd more than likely be able to, only if you wanted and if it doesn't bother you)

  11. Came to see the trick. Stayed for the mug story.

  12. The speed thinking of the players is out of this world.

  13. Can anyone tell me the background music name please,I need search

  14. J&K gambit where you hang your piece and confuse your opp. And win on time

  15. Why only alireza I think many people including me use this trick in bullet, nothing new just posting this for content ig

  16. Just wanna say you are an amazing guy Hikaru , i always spend a good moment watching your videos , it makes me happy :3

  17. Real ones know where that hikaru face in the thumbnail is from

  18. Using an eye tracker while he played bullet would be so interesting to watch!!!

  19. Alireza trick?!! Hikaru be honest! You were doing this since the invention of internet. Alireza learned from you!

  20. Should be the hikaru trick. You did the same to Hansen a while back

  21. Firouzja haters be like “i use this trick every day”

  22. Just wow, watching him play bullet is demoralising…and mega imptessive

  23. levy: WHAT IS E3??????????????????????????????????????????
    hikaru: e3

  24. Title should be "how to when a bullet game: be Hikaru Nakamura"

  25. Girlfriend: Tries to cut my video game cord but electrocutes herself
    Me: 6:30

  26. Adding to what R Reyes said, eye tracker during bullet chess

  27. I'm still very annoyed by the stupid offensive words of Nakamura about Rome. "Dirty" and "gross" are the only words he can find to describe the most beautiful city in the world, one of the most ancient, founded in the 753 b.C., Capital of the most famous Empire of history, with wonderful and immense parks, squares, streets, aqueducts, monuments, and with the absolute most famous monument in the entire world, the Colosseum. He is very strong at chess, but very poor in the rest of things, for his scarce knowledge of the world. Nakamura, the eternal second in chess, or even worse, third, fourth and so on, but never first, should only talk about chess, or about his gross and dirty country of origin. Rinse your mouth when you talk about ROMA.

  28. I thought it was to move so fast you win on time no matter what

  29. Covjece pa nije ti sah Tetris da tako pimplas

  30. I remember in the early days alireza doing this trick to danya, again and again until danya eventually caught on. It no longer works on him now.

  31. I remember Penguin doing it before Alireza was known

  32. I think the trick is older than alireza. The classical 2.Bh6!! after 1…g6 is a noob-origined bullet trick, for example, one of the biggest contribuitions of 1800 online players to chess…

  33. Where the fuck is that mug story i wanted to hear about?

  34. I took a shower while watching the 4th game, because I felt too dirty watching it without a shower

  35. hiraku , did you activate your sharingan when you play bullets??

  36. Do you think you can do a breakdown of some of your bullet games and thought process

  37. When Hikaru blunders: Aaah, I BLUNDERED, nvm, I am still winning.
    When I blunder: clicks resign

  38. I thought this was a tutorial video but it was about a cofee mug

  39. This guys have so much talents … So talented and smart …

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