How to DESTROY in Bullet Chess Using Dirty, Tricky, but SOUND Lines!!

Chess International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer, Miodrag Perunovic.

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  1. Thank you for the ideas! I'll try them.For black to 1.d4 I started replying with 1. … e5. Lots of London system players pre-move 2.Bf4 and I win free bishop. Or pre-move 2.Kf3 which is not winning at the spot but after 2. … e4 black get very comfortable position.

  2. I’ve had similar traps against 1. d4, where during a capture chain on the queenside I’ll throw in Bg4 when the knight isn’t on f3 and over half the time I get a queen out of it

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  4. Only recently discovered your channel, but it's easily one of the best chess channels I've seen, you explain the concepts and lines in an extremely simple way, so that most can understand it.
    Good job!

  5. Oh man, I just thought about playing bullet again and dadadadada BigMio posts a video. Wish you and your family a nice christmas!

  6. Right now a matching video. Today is agadmators christmas, bullet tournament. Do you participate ?

  7. Mio merry x-mas to the greatest, our own brilliant Big Mio!! By the way Mio, 13:31 reminds me of live game you played. And you exclaimed Boom boom! Am I right? 🤔

  8. The Butcher 2, the return ! More cruelty, more tricks, shaper knifes : halloween in Christmas 😄

  9. Veliki Strikoo, sto kaze Jovelja prvo lajkujem pa gledam!

  10. How about 3. b4 instead of nc3 after 2…Qxd5? If they premove qa5, win the queen. Worse that happens white loses b pawn but can transpose to the nc3 b4 lines anyway.

  11. Love it. Shared it to my chess club on facebook even I kind of didn't want to..🤣

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