How To Beat Everyone At Bullet Chess in 5 Minutes

Bullet Chess is a mystery. We’ve all wondered how to expedite the process of becoming a mediocre, but fast player that’s able to compensate for a short attention span by winning in one minute games. Not to worry, Ben S Chess has returned to painstakingly educate you on how to get better at bullet chess. Subscribe right now or face dire consequences.


  1. omg this video is literally sooo stupid!! i only have one minute to win at bullet chess, not five! 🤦‍♂🤦‍♂🙄😬😐😠

    [and because this is the internet: just kidding of course. love your content and the humour is as always right on point. keep up the good work :^) ]

  2. I thought bullet was shorter than 5 minutes

  3. The amount of players i beat by just moving my king around messing up their mate target from move one is hilarious 🤣

  4. hahaha, awesome videos, just found you looking up "king's pawn opening." #+1sub 👍

  5. are you coming back? you actually make fun and useful videos unlike others

  6. Just so funny!!! I look forward to watching all your videos (note the lack of sarcasm as this is my pure heart speaking)

  7. Clap those coconuts like horses said Tim

  8. This guy is like the Ssethtzentach of Chess. Including the upload schedule

  9. could you please make a video on the caro kann? all of the videos on it for beginners are very dull and take a while to get to the point

  10. Could you make a video on the Polish? It is objectively the best opening for white.

  11. i just read the end as the first thing you dumbi, you had to type that shit and hopped to troll someone but i just read the hahahh

  12. just wanted to say that im deeply offended by being called a sheep. commented, liked and subscribed


  14. I will like the video, because I am a weak minded submissive sheep…

  15. In the crowded field of chess comedians, Ben S is undeniably top 100 of all time… Great channel 😉

  16. i can at least relate to your pseudo “schizophrenic” externalizations when procrastinating, but it was nice to see someone else’s more so for my internalized versions of it. crazy acknowledging crazy was a reward enough. therefore you failed in your pursuit of self gratification through “outwitting” someone by withholding/robbing it of others. L

  17. Me who has never touched a chessboard in my life

    "Yes fascinating"

  18. Played my first game of bullet chess after watching half a minute of this video

  19. I've started playing bullet a few weeks ago and now i am in chess rehab

  20. a guy just nearly beat me because he wanted to wait till i went afk. bitch sat there on check after i took all his peices and managed to get a second queen, just so I would go afk and he would make his move and force me to run out of time. he waited 20 minutes just so he could win, to which he made a move and put a smug emoji. lucky i checked while i wass watching this video. i had 3 minutes left he had 5 seconds. he waited as long as he could just so he could beat me. i then managed to win by time by making a move, thus making his timer count down again. of course I won since i had 3 minutes and he had 5 seconds. but dayum, he be playing dirty

  21. As a bullet player, everything was surprisingly accurate. I busted out laughing when he mentioned being in better headspace for rematch😂

  22. Your middlegame weakens your accent, which is gone by the end of the endgame.

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  24. How does this man have so few subs and views I am genuinely laughing my ass off constantly.

  25. Hah, jokes on you, I liked the Video even before you told me to! Who is the Sheep now?

  26. This is the only video where I actually liked the video because the content creator told me to.

  27. Tilting your opponent is the best, most valuable tactic in every game.

  28. I cannot believe I've just scrolled down the furthest I've ever been into the abyss of Youtube comments and nobody has mentioned his masterpiece of a novel on time at 0:47. This is seriously mind blowing and nerve wrecking… Am I the only one who wasted 10min of precious sleep to read that entire trilogy?!

  29. I have played my cousin in chess for 20 years and only beat him twice. Today I beat him 4 times in a row on bullet chess for the first time. Thanks!

  30. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 damn man you are one of a kind

  31. If my like doesn't save humanity a million years from now, I don't trust in your chess calculations anymore.

  32. I've almost beat my opponent in 5 minutes… BUT I LOST ON TIME!

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