How Many Bullet Wins Can Hikaru Rack Up In 1 Hour?

Hikaru shows no mercy for any bullet player who showed up to the Chess Done Quick: Bullet Edition

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  1. I don't have time to watch all your videos 🙂

  2. In my mind, watching Hikaru play speed chess alludes to the image of the samurai warrior traveling the land in search of a worthy opponent but being disappointed by all the other warriors he faces. It must be lonely at the top…

  3. The only thing I could do this fast is sleeping

  4. Going for the Knight & Bishop mate : "Why do they keep resigning ?"
    Being late for the first to 2000 : "Why won't they resign omg"

  5. This is trash. Watching someone beat people half their actual elo. It's just too easy for him

  6. Ggs Hikaru nice game at the end would be honored to play you again 2:17

  7. "I keep forgetting these guys aren't beginners." (Has 1300 rating).
    Me with my 1000: "haha Fuckin n00bs".

  8. What's the answer to the title? Didn't see a counter.

  9. 0pponent: Man I’m down on a lot of time, good thing Naka is thinking for once.

    Naka: “Okay arrows… arrows, arrows, arrows. Where the arrows guys? Find the arrows.”

  10. Bishop under promotion in the first game. Staggering.

  11. The first guy thinks he’s smart – but he’s literally trash

  12. GMHikaru I have a question at 30:33 why didn't the black pawn take the white horse

  13. hecant keep dodgin us, wtf, its not like hes doing it unporpouse.

  14. Hikaru early in the stream: I hope they don't resign

    Hikaru later: omg why won't anyone just resign

  15. It feels kind of troll when people let the clock run down right, but I feel like some games are hikaru creating such well guarded positions early that it's hard for a lower level player to see they're lost, but they can't find any good moves for themselves.

  16. How should do this but against his rating

  17. 12:32 you think you have Hikaru thinking for a while but he is just changing a setting.

  18. It's crazy, Hikaru is about as chill as I am rn playing bullet 😂

  19. The answer: It depends on what time controls are they using, and what kind of losers is he playing against.

  20. Hikaru is this just an ego boost for you? we know your darn good

  21. I remember playing this account at 1100 elo and I instantly reported it after 😂. I thought there is no way this is actually hikaru. Well damn i guess I was wrong lmao. It felt like the entire game was instant engine premoves. That was an awesome experience

  22. Made the Hikaru intro and collected both the N+B and 2B Mate Bounties! All in a days work 😉

  23. 'I believe they're all real opponents… …unless I'm mistaken' 😂.

    Well, that's narrowed it down…!

  24. When I get over 45 moves in bullet, I almost always lose. It's too exhausting to keep moving.

  25. 4:45 daaaaaaaaayum giving king knight and bishop checkmate in 4 seconds would be insane to watch

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