Hikaru’s Opinions on Magnus’s Bullet Chess


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  1. Can we all appreciate the effort Hikaru puts inside us?

  2. Magnus plays against one of the best Grandmaster to ever exist while pulling off the Shrek cosplay. Truly a Legend ✨

  3. "ur waisting time when u twirl your hair" hikaru what ???

  4. 🐐hikaru the undisputed 🐐of bullet

  5. Grand final will be a repeat of todays match streamer'v'guccirezza

  6. Brilliant performance today, you truly showed why you are the King of Bullet.

  7. bro u deleted kick vods can u upload firouzja game thanks

  8. Why does Hicky get off so much on dissing Magnus? It just makes him seem mean-spirited.

  9. My aunt used to twirl her hair so much she'd end up with knots, but she would do it when she was focusing, like studying, reading etc

  10. 2:07 but you always complain about your mouse to when its nonsense.

  11. A pressa e a inimiga da perfeição

    Hikaru: ehh, não hoje

  12. I still think bullet is rediculous, it might be fun to play but watching it is horrible.

  13. Magnus doesn’t stream all day That's why he Can't play well and fast online.He doesnt practise online.But on real board,it's almost impossible to defeat him.Still he is better than most of these players

  14. Bro aren’t you paying an editor? All videos have very low volume so when add pops up they are literally x2 volume piercing through the brain. Please fix it’s very disturbing especially if you are watching to chill and sleep

  15. Daaaaaaaaayyyy 7

    Today's request please make a video on how to be a GM

  16. Dear Hikaru, thank you for making watching two grown men moving virtual wooden pieces such a delight

  17. hikaru is trying to find gaps in magnus game he can use. He still thinks there is a chance he will meet magnus in the final. The only player that has a grip over him.

  18. How can you bob your head while playing bullet? You're just wasting time!
    How can you listen to music when playing bullet? You're just wasting time!
    How can you talk to chat when playing bullet? You're just wasting time!

  19. As life long hair twirler it helps us think Hikaru you f*cken dork

  20. Can we get a hair twirling speedrun please?

  21. Does astrology play a very big role in how you play? Like "dings a virgo, so I'll play this opening

  22. 22:00 Hikaru correctly predicts TSLA top (at least for now). Kasparov was right about russia, Hikaru is right about stonks

  23. Hikaru being a super gm but also not knowing that humans have two hands and only need one on the mouse to play chess

  24. They aren't thinking about twirling their air. It's entirely subconscious, like breathing. No one loses time because they're breathing.

  25. 18:05 yeah thats what I thought too. I originally thought it would be you versus him but I think he might beat Magnus in the losers bracket if he doesnt up his game. I still think regardless who you play that you will win. You have been on fire Hikaru!!

  26. You’re the best in the world bra, EVER idc what anybody say. Magnus had the classic on lock and he doesn’t even have tht anymore

  27. Hikaru malding over minh le twirling his hair is the best thing I have seen today

  28. Congratulations to you, good sir!

  29. Magnus was selling that his mouse bad but …..Hikaru wasn't buying that one haha

  30. The recent bullet chess championship was very close between Magnus and Hikaru you must admit ..but in all seriousness I thought Hikaru would destroy Magnus in a total blow out! It was a great tournament though!

  31. The hair twirling was keeping Hikaru simply unimpressed oops

  32. Why does he harp so much on hair twirling? Who even lose focus when doing that?

  33. Hiraku to be honest I love you so much I always wanted you to win over Magnus who is my favourite player. But when Magnus wins against you I don't feel sad… Because I realized one thing that you and me love Magnus 🤩….

    But you are a legend too and I am watching all the matches of you , thank you sir for giving us such incredible pleasure to our eyes and brain 🙏🙏

    Huge respect

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