Hikaru Wins Down A Queen In the Bullet Chess Championship

Hikaru plays against GM Alexey Sarana in the Bullet Chess Championship and makes a comeback win while down a queen.















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  1. I did enjoy this, was good to watch. Point system is broken :S

  2. Call of Juarez rocked so much, Reverend Ray is one of the coolest characters in any videogame.

  3. is this old , or did he leave TSM? ,so confused

  4. I love the way this video is put together, with both the commentator and hikarus perspective. Thanks!

  5. I had an amazing move (for my skill level) where I had my queen in danger but my pawn was blocking it from moving away so I moved my pawn forward to threaten his queen which allowed me to move my queen away

  6. What is PAGO?

    And the player in the best position at the end win?

  7. Alexey just needs to practice his end game he should play games at 10 seconds and have time added, fhat way he gets better under pressure. He clearly had the OG on the ropes in game 4

  8. Commentator: That was a great move! Hikaru converting nicely!!
    Hikaru: "that was mistake, what am I doing *shakes head*"

  9. Never in my entire life expected to slow down to 0.5 a chess game O.o

  10. Godlike editing. Out of this world. They used to do edits like this to match voice comms with in-game footage in games like league of legends and counterstrike, but never this smooth. A+

  11. The only 2 people I can think of going up against Hikaru in Bullet is Nepo & Magnus.
    And I would still be cheering for Hikaru because he’s absolutely badass.

  12. Hikaru has his windows on white mode? you lost my respect, you lost my subscription.

  13. historical GOAT of this format … although in CURRENT FORM contenders are magnus, alireza, danya and of course, naka

  14. Hikaru retires from Bullet

    Literally wrote the book.

  15. Is it just me or the female commentator looks a lot like Mia Khalifa?

  16. Magnus may be “better” but nobody is as entertaining to watch as Hikaru at such a high level. He’s put the chess community on his back!

  17. "That doesn't do anything" – Hikaru channeling Boston Mike 😆

  18. Unbelievable the speed at which he can play so well

  19. omg that calc speed is so sick holy shit lol

  20. lol “oh I hit both pawns at the same time” a move he calculated 10 moves ago haha

  21. Why is it showing sarana flag from UAE ? 🇦🇪 lol

  22. Whoever did the editing on this deserves a mention. Excellent video!

  23. "There are like two or three games i should have lost", should have been " He played lightning speed to win that game, well played"

  24. Love this editing style of including the danya commentary

  25. Love Hikaur "so I basically threw away all my rating points for losing that one game" 😆. That's why Hikaru is my favorite chess player. "Stupid to lose that one game ruin my rating" right after he gets another win. You're the best Hikaru.

  26. sorry to say, but commentators make your video worse.
    i know you think that it makes your content less boring to show some other people too, but imho you are the top of the line CC in Chess.
    would rather watch your whole game with your voice instead of some cuts to some ppl. i dont care about.
    sorry if i am to harsh.
    keep up your output! i appreciate it.


  28. Imagine losing 18 ELO even losing a game for someone above 3000 … Just insane

  29. 5:22 The way GM Sarana’s camera was frozen with a 😐 face, after losing

  30. Tough game but I get the win . When have you not heard this ?

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