Hikaru vs. Nihal | Who’ll Make It To Winners Final? Bullet Chess Championship 2024 Winners SFs

The Bullet Chess Championship is Chess.com’s most elite bullet event! 16 of the world’s fastest chess players compete to see who’s the best bullet player in the world. Four qualified players have joined 12 top invited players to compete in a $100,000 double-elimination bracket! This year’s event features Hikaru (4x champion), Firouzja (1x champion), Nihal, Naroditsky, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Praggnanandhaa, Caruana, and more!


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  1. 22:40 – Anish Giri vs Fabiano Caruana
    22:40 – Tuan Minh Le vs Rameshbabu Praggnanadha

  2. I need to know where I can get the music from the start of the video someone please help

  3. Can you guys tell Kassa to speak less and Benjamin to speak more?

  4. Nihal is the most exciting Player to watch in bullet. You never know what brilliancies he will conjure that surprises everyone.

  5. talking about one game while showing us a whole other game. Is the camera man ok or whats going on?

  6. Hikaru is quite simply just an outright beast

  7. Danya having 140000+ bullet games under his belt compared to to Hikaru’s ~15000 is mind-blowing.

  8. Daniel looks like he's on 2 hours sleep a night for a couple of years now.

  9. both days have been super scuffed from a streaming perspective. I know bullet is hard to show everything but dang its not the first year of BCC…

  10. Really sucks having an IM giving commentary for some of these super GMs, why not just have AI do it? That would be way better

  11. "Said Martinez- Kassa Korley sounds just like StevO from jka$$ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚" True lol

  12. Why do they never cover the Alireza games?

  13. The side by side format is awful. So many flaws I cant begin to explain in a yt comment.
    Just so bad.

  14. I wonder how the latency from geography handled, I would imagine a naive implementation that keeps the game clock on the server would benefit the low ping player. Playing like Andrew or Danya could be impossible from high ping countries (like Armenia).

  15. Worst commentary, selective matches shown

  16. This bullet whats the need for deep analysis and insight?

  17. As a Mega fan of BCC and SCC for years, I've to say this multiple games at the same time is an absolute shit idea. You guys killed the joy of this show. Now we get 20 moves of 1 game and 20 moves of other game, while 2 other games are being played played in the background, all the while games which are shown on screen are lagging.

  18. Chess fans! Δ°f you like this kind of videos follow us and support us!!

  19. Kassa does a great job interviewing!

  20. So the winner will play Magnesium Calcium?

  21. without Magnus it's not as interesting as Hikaru will win either way

  22. Expected Hikaru to win but not like that, holy shit…

  23. It's crazy. Hikaru wins by a lot in the semi-final and still lost rating. So it should've been an even more dominant win.

  24. 4:06:05
    Can someone who has a good understanding of computer algorithms and how they work for chess explain this? If there's a forced mate in 8, how is it possible that computer cannot calculate it?

  25. These other GMs r like beasts but Hikaru is literally THE FINAL BOSS when it comes to Bullet.

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