Hikaru vs Alireza, Finals Bullet Chess Championship

The Streamer vs The Fashion Designer in Bullet Chess Championship Winner’s Final


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  1. This level of chess is insane, feels like inhuman, congrats Hikaru

  2. might not be young anymore but i can still flag…nice one Hikaru

  3. King safety seems not to high on Nana's agenda in this match.

  4. thank you GM Hikaru, you make me jump up and down…lol great match.

  5. this was intense. the first 15 minutes alireza was running away with it. then the next 15 minutes hikaru caught up. then he was the one taking over. crazy how it was completely level after 38 minutes. most impressive thing is how alireza got huge advantages in the early game so many times but hikaru still managed to take the w in the end

  6. You have to appreciate that Hikaru is streaming and playing at the same time. That is incredibly hard to do and to keep focused. Even if you're not speaking at the time, you are still keeping in mind that people are viewing (which affects you) and also having to host the stream. This is high level stuff.

  7. I think midway hikaru realized that he should play easier openings an that helps alot

  8. Could Magnus or Aliroujka stream while playing a world championship match? It’s crazy

  9. Hikaru needs to stop critizing he is in the 99% of top chess players

  10. Hikaru was getting behind in the openings because he was choosing lines that are fast to play. But in the endgames he converted

  11. There was one thing I executed better than Alireza today.

    Flagging 😂

  12. hikaru turns into a chess god when streaming 😂

  13. This was intense at times!
    It was hard to keep up. Forget about trying to follow the tactics.
    Great match H N.

  14. Hikaru: "I shouldn't be talking too much"
    Me: "You shouldn't even be streaming when competing in such a strong field tournament" 😅😅

  15. Imagine how insane it would be if it was hikaru vs danya and Hikaru said bye bye danya after winning lmao

  16. For those wondering , Hikaru streamed the whole tournament in KICK , make sure to support him

  17. Thanks Hikaru for making Alireza like CocoMelon

  18. Congrats My Favorite Player 🎉🎉The Great Hikaru🎉🎉🎉

  19. Greatest 1+0 player of all time. Thanks for keeping us entertained GOAT.

  20. I watch you daily Hikaru but I don't like bullet as much, too fast too much about flagging.prefer more banter, analysis and richness of blitz

  21. So fast I feel like I'm watching on 1.5x speed :0

  22. This kid is so good, but he always loses to Hikaru, all after Alireza started talking smack to Hikaru

  23. yeah its not fair, alireza firouzja is a bad player in general so its not fair that he plays so fast and wins so often. He should loose more often. He is not a good person to do things the way they were never supposed to have been done. He should atone, but he is not going to because like I said, he is not a good person.

  24. Hikaru gives great commentary but I wish he would talk less and focus more during Bullet. Feels like he's distracted.

  25. Why u refuse to come Baku pls want to see u here in Azerbaijan

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