Hikaru v Alireza in Winners Final Battle of the Speedsters! | Bullet Chess Championship 2023 Day 4

The 2023 Bullet Chess Championship features Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Alireza Firouzja, Daniel Naroditsky and more of the fastest players in the world competing for their share of a $100,000 prize fund. Watch on a chessboard:

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  1. Imagine Magnus winning the whole thing beating Danya Alireza and Hikaru! and he is certainly capable of doing so just like he adopted bunch of 2700s with that 9/9 in rapid & blitz tourni 🥶

  2. holy cow, Hikaru v Alireza was amazing, talk about a battle. hopefully we're lucky enough to see a rematch in the final! also, great job commentating guys, for as much as anyone could even keep up with the action 😀

  3. Amazing chess, wish the commentary matched. Simon Williams is painfully bad, cant even follow the game or who's playing which color. Danya's the best but him playing makes it hard for him to commentate ha. Rooting for him tomorrow.

  4. Alireza: talent
    Hikaru: talent + work
    Magnus: 🐐

  5. Hi chess 24. This was a great set of matches to watch. During Oleksandr's match there was racist commentary in the live chat against this great player. Could you please review to see if your moderators are functioning as you expect?

  6. Nakameme with that thick plot armor

  7. What an incredible match, what a pity that Alireza couldn't increase his starting advantage, he is very close but he still lacks the experience and the management of certain crucial moments as Hikaru knows how to do so well, the final should be dantesque against Magnus (no one imagines Narod winning against Magnus except Narod himself !).
    Many thanks to Simon and Robert for the comments ! 🚀🙏♟️

  8. The match between Alireza and Hikaro was definitely a battle to remember. How can they play so fast and so accurately? I hope we get to see a rematch in a few days.

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