Hikaru Nakamura vs. Magnus Carlsen | Full Match | Bullet Chess Championship 2023 | EPIC Grand Final

Two Titans of Chess Face off with Hikaru Nakamura and Magnus Carlsen in the Grand Finals of The Bullet Chess Championship 2023.

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  1. Magnus was already tired when he played Hikaru though so it's not fair. finals should be another day.

  2. i love magnus fans, hikaru makes a video about magnus losing he is hating, hikaru makes a video about magnus winning he wants to be him, hikaru beats magnus and he is new to the bullet championship like he hasn't played thousands of bullet games

  3. Great run from Magnus, just came up a bit short when it mattered. Still put up a great fight against Hikaru.

  4. Hikaru breaks MC winning streak!!! The kryptonite!

  5. I'm a Hikaru fan and was rooting for him, but at the same time Magnus is such a wholesome guy who fought so hard to get this far so I can't help but feel for him. What a great tournament and players.

  6. Hikaru is like Son Gokou, became super saiyan as he gets age.

  7. What an ending. Similar to Ding beating Nepo. Obvious repetition turned into a win by a quick blunder in time control. Congrats Hikaru.

  8. Danny and Robert with another masterclass commentary. GGs Magnus really pushed Hikaru to his full potential this is Chess at it's peak 👏

  9. Wow ❤❤❤ Chess Titans
    Magnus Vs Hikaru

    Congratulations The Great Hikaru🎉🎉🎉

  10. Not a fan of this format to me it's not chess it's like some mod of Chess.

  11. what a freaking epic. no more exciting matchup in bullet

  12. I can't believe I'm watching a Chess Championship. Exciting, engaging and great competition!

  13. Its truly a Insane Epic Battle between the Two Legends:
    Magnus VS Hikaru

    Congrats Hikaru 🎉🎉 for the Final Win.

  14. Imagine being a BLUNDER/FLAG Champion and being proud of it. Compared to being a 5x World Chess Champion. LMAO What a disgrace

  15. What an effort by Magnus to come back and force OT! A very entertaining match, even though I barely understood what was going on

  16. I wouldn't say there's a big gap in skill between the two, but nakamura has put so much effort into bullet and it pays off

  17. I thought Magnus was knocked out after he lost against Firouzja, can someone please explain the format ?

  18. Magnus doesn't play as much bullet chess as hikaru.. hikaru plays bullet a lot.. a lot.. and a lot of puzzle speed runs etc.. I wonder if hikaru is any good at classical and other formats though against fabiano and magnus

  19. Watching at 2x speed because I'm supposed to be asleep and it's just insanely fast XD

    Also omg the Nickelback stuff was great

  20. Let the engine run for 30 seconds at least on each move for better Eval bar accuracy.

  21. Hikaru: I'll sacrifice my queen
    Magnus: hmm, I will allow him to sacrifice his queen
    Hikaru: hmmmmmmm, I will allow him to allow me to sacrifice my queen
    Magnus: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I will take the queen which he allowed me to allow him to sacrifice

  22. For those chess watchers who keep coping by complaining Magnus plays back to back, this format ain't fair etc, stop coping. 😂 People forget that Magnus is the one who actually wants formats like this which is more games, much less rest days. Take example when he complained about WCC format. He has said countless times that more games and less rest days format can prove a player's true strength & skill.

    This format is scarier and more challenging cause all players MUST win to avoid more games with other great players. He lost to Alireza, so he faced the consequences. Also, players like Magnus, Alireza, etc have the right to complain about it cause they ACTUALLY participated. I see no complaint from any of them!

  23. What a game
    Magnus endgame so good
    Just keep flagging🎉
    Congratulations hikaru

  24. Match was very close.. So I don't understand what magnus is saying?

  25. What's with the intense hate against hikaru in the comments lol

  26. Commenting this is so nuts, the moment you comment on a position it already changed 😂

  27. Hikaru just never wanes, it's quite amazing. Is he on adderall or something?

  28. If Magnus is Superman of Chess, then Hikaru is The Flash

  29. Sorry I didn't get what happened on 37:51, can someone explain to me? Why Nakamura won?

  30. Hikaru, Magnus, Danny and Robert are the Fabulous Four of Chess

  31. Can your description please actually describe things like the competition, rules, and background? That would be great.

  32. Idk if anyone has notice but Hikaru only beats Magnus in online things but when they verse each other in face to face magnus mops hikaru

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