Hikaru Nakamura vs Alireza Firouzja | The Bullet Chess Match of The Year

Hikaru Nakamura and Alireza Firouzja faced off in the semifinal round of the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship in what turned out to be a WILD back and forth match!
Enjoy watching this chess battle in its entirety!

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  1. chesscom, you have to remove Hikaru cam before you get strike

  2. Dirty flagger Alireza, doesn't deserve to win, shouldn't have been in the semis in the first place.. Poor sportsmanship by Alireza.. Very badπŸ‘Ž

  3. The way Hikaru ran his clock down when he was leading came back to hurt him later (when he started trailing) He should learn a thing or two from Artemiev.

  4. After being a dick it’s so satisfying to see Hikaru lose.
    Alireza crazy combinations and the best in the world when it comes to time scrambles.
    Bravo maestro!

  5. I don’t understand Hikaru pirc opening vs 3 pawn Austrian attack of Firouzja. He lost almost all those position never having an advantage or something to play for.

  6. Could of gone 2 ways but there is 1 bullet player missing and we know who.

  7. Isnt this going to be Copystriked, since hikaru is loosing?

  8. Revenge is best served cold! That chessbrah energy was driving the wonder kid on…Congratulations Alirezza.

  9. Stop bashing Hikaru, I'm Alireza fan but I like Hikaru too, He is been running very entertaining chess streaming show for years and honestly I think he is the main reason online chess is so popular today and you are here to watch

  10. lmaooo alireza won in the chessbrah shirt

  11. Who was naka talking to during the game? Was he streaming?

  12. This comment section is so toxic imo

  13. Even after receiving his "usual help" from chesscom, Hikaru was unable to win. Tells you everything about his true strength.

  14. Remember that what Artemiev did was noble, he resigned because he's a good guy. Hess wanting people to play out the clock like Hikaru does in this match (which ended up biting him in the ass anyways…) is the typical American 'win at all costs' toxic mentality that is making us turn into little assholes. Remember that it is better to be a good person and have a fulfilling life than a fleeting win at a game.

  15. 25:29 one of the best bullet games I’ve ever seen. Absolute masterpiece by Alireza Firouzja

  16. Wow .. To see that Magnus played a bullet match against alireza couple weeks ago and ate him up is so scary .. it was like 50 to 20 or something crazy like that .. Or was that Danya's score ? I don't remember ..

  17. Alireza coming in clutch with his laptoo

  18. Hikaru is the first grandmaster I started watching about a year ago when I got into chess (through agad’s channel). I used to support him in the online tournaments. But Jesus he is an idiot. Can’t stand him anymore. Such a hypocrite

  19. Damn LOL nice game and Ali deserves that win. Good game breh
    Edit: Hikaru is becoming toxic.

  20. Hikaru resorting to flagging again? That's unsportsmanlike he should just offer draws. But I don't even care

  21. Alireza played soo well. Naka had to win on the board in order to win the game. Pretty much how Naka dominates other players.( always up on time)

  22. Streaming has really revealed how much of bitch Hikaru is as a person. That's sad to see fame really went far up his ass.

  23. Alireza is growing and growing, this fun to watch !

  24. Guys we are watching the next Fischer when we watch Alireza. This guy is SPECIAL!


  26. It's awkward watching these two betas suck off Alireza so much.

  27. Alireza was in beast mode after losing 4 games in a row. I mean what a match!!

  28. Big respect to Aman staying that calm eventhough he knew that at the same time Hikaru was striking their channel

  29. I am SO happy for Alireza!

    Naka is too weak, too slow.

  30. Life lessons here :))
    See how you can lose so early in bracket like like artemiev and gain unlimited respect and show strong personality.
    And see how could be humilated like hikaru. That snake cringes me…

  31. This was the real final. That stuck up ting tang tong asian is going to get SMASHED

  32. So Alireza defeated Hikaru, they're roughly at the same level in bullet, but Magnus destroys Alireza in bullet every weekend, wins like 20-10. So Magnus is by far the strongest bullet player currently.

  33. why didn't hansen play his 2nd round match?

  34. Arrows missing guys, so hard for beginners to know where the square coordinates are.

  35. Woah, Chessbae can't do anything here? What a relief!

  36. Congratz ali for the win, amazing play end to end

    The comment section of this video should be entirely focused on this incredible guy but you all like the hate, shame on you

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