Hikaru Nakamura vs Alireza Firouzja | The Bullet Chess Match of The Year

Hikaru Nakamura and Alireza Firouzja faced off in the semifinal round of the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship in what turned out to be a WILD back and forth match!
Enjoy watching this chess battle in its entirety!

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  1. Thanks for the games and the commentary, but you have an absolutely abysmal board design. Makes me feel like I'm watching two elderly ladies with a windows 95 interface.

  2. Hollywood Hikaru, the liberal elitist, goes down!

  3. They play high level chess in mere seconds, and I blunder in a 10 minute game 😂

  4. GM Alireza wearing chessbrah shirt not because he likes it. It's about sending a message, tho he likes the shirt anyway 😀

  5. I am 2000 in rapid, 1900 in blitz, but 1550 in bullet, how is this possible, should be easy to hit 1800, what is the secret of success in bullet chess ?

  6. Commentating on a bullet match. Aman and Robert, you the real mvps <3

  7. Match of the year… what a boring year.

  8. those two commentators are just dumb, they are so bad, especially the guy with weird hair (low confidence syndrome)

  9. 0.75 speed is the only way to understand what happening 😂💯

  10. Oh Jesus, my heart was beating so hard!! I just was thinking in mind:
    Don't fall down Alireza, just keep that way🥵🥵

  11. What a beginners they both hang their rook at the end

  12. What happened to Hansen vs. Naroditsky?

  13. Hikari should resign instead of waiting for timeout.Bad sportsmanship.Great play Firouza ❤🤟🙏

  14. Honestly – this video is amazing at speed 0.25 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. …when you are GM and getting a beating with premoves

  16. Why did HN stop playing at the end? Did he not think Alireza could input the moves to mate in 2 seconds?

  17. I understand Alireza. Myopia is related to high intelligence.

  18. All who praise alireza remember this guy lied and lodged a complaint against Magnus during a blitz match. Alireza is no saint.

  19. Aman and Robert are my favorite commentator team. Especially for Speed chess.🤔🧐🙂

  20. This is basically just Hess cheering Alireza on the entire vid.

  21. hess : "yeah, i agree with you there"

    translate: "can u like stfu, am tryin to consume dope"

  22. My favourite chess content to watch is seeing Hikaru lose, and you can just hear that "I don't care, I don't even care" for the next 2 days

  23. Alireza connects his pieces like he does his eyebrows

  24. 28:39 this whole sequence, up until he takes the pawn with his rook is just mindblowing. Alireza's an absolute monster.

  25. I love how Alireza doesn't try to milk the clock. I think Naka caught onto the fact that Alireza wasn't doing that and he did the same. That's the way chess should be played.

  26. Overrated Hikaru finally found out. You love to see this win for Alireza

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  28. نابغه ایرانی 👍👍👍

  29. I watch this video every night before bed

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