Hikaru Nakamura | Bullet Brawl Arena | Titled Bullet Arena 1+0 | July 22 2023 | chesscom

Bullet Brawl – New Titled Bullet Arena – bullet chess 1+0
2500 $ prize
Bullet Brawl | gmhikaru (hikaru nakamura) July 22 , 2023

#bulletbrawl #gmhikaru #bulletchess

#bulletbrawl #gmhikaru #chess


  1. Hikaru resigned some positions where he was losing but the opponent had only a few seconds left. I think Hikaru could have flagged the opponent. Is he like, "Ah, I just won the world bullet championship … nothing to prove, I'll be overly kind today"

  2. get outta town! This guy stays ahead of MAGNUS CARLSEN for 45 minutes in bullet, then comes home and plays even more bullet?!? He really is a beast! MC was right.

  3. You can not find the position behind the games wo end one. Often in chess videos u cant see who has wich color, or who has won. here u cant see the different of each game, must insert an black screen for 1 second , to give an changs switch beetwen this games. Or an List with times. Normaly beginner see that or this without colors, there will never come back.

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