Hikaru Nakamura Battles Andrew Tang: Arena Kings Bullet Chess Tournament

It’s the bullet chess showdown you’ve all been waiting for! Hikaru Nakamura and Andrew Tang contest the bullet Arena Kings!

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  1. Well played, and penguim is a monster.

  2. sincerely thanks for streaming and uploading to youtube!! Enjoyed this very much, thank you

  3. If he was playing with the same internet/computer as the ones he had against Shant Sargsyan in the previous video , he would be winning all games.

  4. When will Andrew start competing in tournaments with Super GM like the World Rapid & Blitz Chess Championships?

  5. seems like connection is bad, play lichess instead, often much faster….

  6. "Free pawn, free queen, free game." lol stay free Andrew

  7. Congratulations Naka on your 3rd place finish on king Salman blitz championship.

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