Hikaru Nakamura Battles Andrew Tang: Arena Kings Bullet Chess Tournament

It’s the bullet chess showdown you’ve all been waiting for! Hikaru Nakamura and Andrew Tang contest the bullet Arena Kings!

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  1. Why does he click on the piece again after every move?

  2. I'm a random dude on the internet and I approve this.

  3. I never know Asa Akira was such a good chess player as well.

  4. We've been waiting for Magnus vs Naka 100 game 1'0 match!

  5. Can someone explain me why he double cliks every move with his mouse?

  6. At 8:03 after Qd6 why wouldn't b4 just be winning a piece for white?

  7. 10:26 my libyan brother make draw with super GM that's very nice , in libya chess not big:(
    H@ppy New year All

  8. Isnt Chess dot com just drag and drop? Why is Hikaru double clicking after his moves?

  9. I'm just happy you didn't get beaten by Asa Akira.

  10. Pairing algorithm is faulty, prioritizes immediacy of next game much more than pairing top players. Lichess has a much more intelligent pairing system.

  11. so nakamura watched magnus' recent stream and now he's doing that annoying clicking after every move too

  12. Hikaru is a beast. I hope he wins the world chess championship one day

  13. Hikaru always giving his opponents double click time odds

  14. blitzstream from fr maybe he sayed boomm he made draw with magnus carlsen he played g4 first move:)

  15. Hikaru is like Vegeta from Dragonball. Extremely strong, cool and badass. But there is always someone stronger.

  16. Hikaru played the bong cloud against Wesley So. What a God

  17. Why do you reclick every piece after dragging for your move? Always wondered…

  18. Your the most salty guy i ever seen on internet

  19. you are so much more likeable nowadays GMHikaru. Years ago i really disliked you, but now you seem like a different man. Thanks for all vids, streams. !!

  20. I am not good at chess and really don't want to be, but I enjoy watching people who are good at chess playing chess. Weird huh?

  21. This UI feels so laggish…they need a ton of improvement.

  22. We need to change that ridiculous stalemate rule to,if your only move is into check you lose.Spread it around.

  23. 43:23 Hikaru resigns in a winning position. 1.Bxe4+ wins 1…dxe4 (forced) 2.Rb5+! followed by inevitable Rg5+ and mate on g7.

  24. Does anyone know how often he drinks red bull? Every tourney or is it more of an advertising deal just having it on the table..

  25. What is the music at the beginning of the video pls ?

  26. like you ,.. simple man ,, 🙂 lol lose vs top 200 :

  27. Hey hikaru! Was wondering if you do meet ups with fans? I live by Naples and wanted to see if you can sign my chessboard.thank you

  28. Wow Hikaru is so much different in these earlier videos! I found his opening choices and commentary quite instructive 🙂

  29. Why does he double click the peeves when moving them?

  30. It's not lagging or screen moving slow, he is just hovering with the pieces, its safer than premoving.

  31. Tell me he doesn’t look like the friendliest dude ever

  32. can someone explain why he resigned the first one? thanks 🙂

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