Hikaru, Alireza, Anish, Jose & Co Battle For The Bullet Crown! Bullet Chess Championship 2024 R1+QFs

The Bullet Chess Championship is Chess.com’s most elite bullet event! 16 of the world’s fastest chess players compete to see who’s the best bullet player in the world. Four qualified players have joined 12 top invited players to compete in a $100,000 double-elimination bracket! This year’s event features Hikaru (4x champion), Firouzja (1x champion), Nihal, Naroditsky, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Praggnanandhaa, Caruana, and more!


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  1. Nihal Bollywood lookin profile picture

  2. Could the moderators please talk 4 rimes as fast in future bullet events so I can play the videos on a quarter speed?

  3. Fabiano would murder Nihal if they were to play classical, Fact.

  4. Winners Round 1

    23:55 – Daniel Naroditsky vs Rameshbabu Praggnanadha
    23:55 – Oleksandr Bortnyk vs Tuan Minh Le

    1:10:21 – Nihal Sarin vs Andrew Tang
    1:10:25 – Daniel Naroditsky vs Oleksandr Bortnyk

    2:19:45 – Hikaru Nakamura vs Christopher Yoo
    2:19:45 – Alireza Firoujza vs Vladimir Fedoseev

  5. 6 players are American out of 16. Almost half if you add two more. I'm just curious why is that.

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