Hansen, Sarin + More Battle in Wild Card Round | Bullet Chess Championship 2021

Chess.com teams up with Susquehanna International Group, LLP (SIG) to present the 2021 Bullet Chess Championship. The event’s qualifiers were held on March 31 and April 1, while the main event will run from April 5-April 7. The All-Star event will be held on April 8. During the championship, top players will face each other in 1|0 matches to compete for their piece of a $32,000 total prize fund.

Today’s matches:
Arjun Erigiasi vs Levon Aronian
Vladislav Artemiev vs Raunak Sadhwani
Tuan Minh Le vs Eric Hansen
Nihal Sarin vs Olexandr Bortnyk

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  1. what is up with all those fanboys in the chat praising NIHAL . Shut up you all. Nihal lose

  2. How is danya and tang seed 2 and 3? Eric could win his next one vs danya too. Craziness

  3. Is so fast, that I think is better using music instead of comentators…

  4. Notice how Aman stresses the key words and speaks slowly when interviewing Artemiev to make him feel more comfortable. What a goddamn legend, great commentary fellas (as always).

  5. How is Tang and Naroditsky ranked higher than Firouzja??? I was hoping Hikaru vs Firouzja final. Anyways, I hope Hikaru gets over his panic attack that has really messed with bullet game recently.

  6. my prediction danya wins then wins again against andrew, alireza wins hikaru wins, hikaru vs alireza so tough match but hikaru wins then hikaru beats danya

  7. How in the world Andrew tang in seed 3 with other player like hikaru and firoza ,
    I honestly don't think he is better than nihal in bullet , will find out today

  8. As much as I absolutely adore the brahs, I feel bad for Minh le.. Man worked his butt off and crushed everyone in the qualifiers only to be smoked by a replacement..

  9. Aman and Robert Hess are the best. But also, commentating bullet is really tricky, and these dudes do such a great job.

  10. NileRed is so good at bullet chess I didn't know

  11. Can anyone please explain to me how Eric got into the bracket? What happened to andreikin?

  12. Nihal v/s Andrew , I want both to win but we know that it's more likely that Andrew comes on top

  13. Who find it annoying when the camera set up changes during time scramble? I just find it so disturbing.

  14. It's an absolute joy to watch chess with Aman and Hess as commentators, regardless of time control. Good vibes, good interviews, deep understanding, educational, funny, enthusiastic, and genuine. What more can you wish for!

  15. A shame that Aronian lost to Erigaisi who was the far, far, far weaker player.

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