Hikaru plays a historic Bullet Brawl performance as he aims for near perfection. Part 2 of 2
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  1. Cant wait to hear what kramnik has to say about this 😀

  2. he is only singing that badly to make sure youtube doesn't detect it as the real soundtrack.

  3. But Hikaru, it's clear you were cheating during those sub-second moves – hahaha! I can just hear Cram-it-nik complaining now. What a monster performance by the Samurai.

  4. nothing beats watching hikaru play bullet at midnight

  5. You are insane bro , keep up the great work and stay humble 🤝🏽

  6. Too much is spoiled here. You can even see the score in the intro. Sorry I like it more if I don't know it. I mean I come here when I don't see it on Twitch.

  7. He’s wearing headphones, stockfish itself is obviously telling him what to play

  8. Hikaru is the speed chess overlord🔥🐐

  9. “Why would I play on lichess? Give me a break” 😂

  10. A former WORLD CHESS CHAMPION who defeated one of the top chess players in history told me Hikaru’s results are almost statistically impossible. He’s obviously a cheater and must be banned from the site. Hikaru just pretends to be reading the chat. WE know what he’s actually doing.

  11. Thank you Bro very entertaining, and congratulations you did well!

  12. nothing to see here just the final bullet boss doing his thing😒

  13. Every time he played a woman she was crushed. Interesting

  14. Oh man, Hikaru is way better than me at bullet and he sings with such confidence. The level diference is astounding.
    A Big Congratulations for the Record, is well deserved.

  15. I finally realized what bullet reminds me of. Level 19 Tetris. Pieces are flying everywhere, I have no idea what is going on, and I lose in three seconds.

  16. Bro you lost to a kid over the board but are a beast online lol Kramnik was right

  17. Bright like a diamond! Shine bright like a diamond!

  18. he got to the point where i need to ask for a timestamp for his only lost game

  19. It just feels good when i see you. 🎉.

  20. Kramnik peeping over a wall: "Interesting".

  21. Should change the name to bully brawl coz hikarus just bullying everyone 😂

  22. listening to the youtube background music as hikaru sings along to some pop song we can't hear is hilarious

  23. What’s the playlist for his music for this video anyone know ??

  24. With the way things are progressing at some point the “eval bar not visible to Hikaru” message will take half the screen

  25. could you have a box in your stream to display the music playing its rlly hard to Shazam

  26. You're gonna be paid 7 trillion dollars.
    when they pick you to play board 1 for earth against mars

  27. Naka is something interesting: 1. play chess 2. comment moves 3. hi to new subscribers 4. reply to chat and finally 5: being able to cheat instantaneously :). I can do only one thing out of these and very badly so:)

  28. I'm finding it hard to focus on the game with the evaluation bar being so distracting. I'm the only one?

  29. Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he has eval bar on? ~ a wise man Kramnik

  30. 40:00 is a difficult move to keep black's advantage, anyone found it?

  31. 47:16 Hikaru plays a 2703 rated player and beats him using only 6 seconds, all the while laughing and joking about the previous game. Wow

  32. The singing along is really tough sometimes 🤣 shine bright like a diamond 📢📢

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