GothamChess Battles Daniel Naroditsky In Legendary Bullet Game

Your favorite chess YouTubers go head-to-head as @GothamChess takes on one of the world’s best bullet players, @DanielNaroditskyGM , in a late night speed chess match in Toronto!

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  1. Meanwhile nemo is just talking about large portions of butter chicken

  2. Bro that clock is beggin for his life 😭

  3. Did i miss something at 5:06Danya goes queen F8 check, has to block with rook. Then goes f6 check has to block with rook then he takes rook with queen thats mate?

  4. Lol, levy is literally scattering the board.

  5. Danya being gentle with the pieces and Levy literally destroying the board

  6. The cheap $1 chinese timer is the cause for all losses.

  7. It's unfair game. It takes extra 0.5 seconds to hit the timer for Naroditsky opponents because they are right handed and the timer is at their left side.

  8. Levy's hand eye coordination is on another level and by that I mean nonexistent.

  9. If there was a rule in bullet that you auto-lose for knocking a piece over, you wouldn't see them go past move 14.

    I can't handle watching bullet OTB

  10. Game 2 was soooooo clutch by Danya, the peoples champ!

  11. can we appreciate how Danya can think so fast (and moving the piece in gentle manner) while also joking around,

  12. And legendary fun here, too! The real meaning of life! Enjoy!

  13. Danny’s childlike joy at the fact that rubber duckies go squeak is adorable.

  14. I think Danya is underrated…the guy is super good.

  15. Danya casually premoving while Levy's queen is in between 4 different squares on the chessboard

  16. Alternative Title: Levy relearning how to open and close fingers.

  17. Love that Eric and Danny are just playing duck chess in the background

  18. Is it really illegal to use two hands? Seems like that is a huge advantage

  19. The guy setting the clock looks decent, he should try otb chess.

  20. We just invited Caruana to help with the clocks. 😆

  21. They look like they're about to destroy that device😂

  22. Danny feeling neglected cause all the attention ISN'T on him! Listen how he tries to take the STAGE (Luckily… to no avail.)

  23. Levy is not even close to being a gm,he is way below danya

  24. I have younger siblings. I feel it in my bones when Danny said "I can't do this anymore, I'm fixing this" 😂

  25. Fabiano is like the final boss that pretends to be a nerd guy watching other fighting in anime.

  26. That second game belonged to Levy so bad. I don’t even know what happened

  27. is it not legal in chess to simply put the clock on a piece of a duct tape, or at least some kind of rubber?

  28. the power of GM 🥳🥳… even after down 2 minor pieces …. controlling a game like a boss🥳

  29. Why don't they use one hand to move pieces and one to tap clock?

  30. i blinked one time, and missed half of the game.

  31. 2 russians speaking to eachother in a russian accent in english

  32. Eric, Levy, Danya. Is internet chess is an ancient Jewish tradition?

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