GMs Hess and Hambleton host the $25,000 Bullet Chess Championship 2021 presented by SIG

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  1. It is amazing how they can say Firouzja 1000 times but don’t care to learn a proper pronounciation.

  2. it will never cease to amaze me how these players can find workable moves in such a short amount of time

  3. I missed this. Looks like a super cool tournament. BTW, Aman is a fantastic commentator. You guys need to keep him.

  4. i like how alireza was wearing chessbrah merch. sending a message i guess 😀

  5. they time these streams perfectly for eastern Europe. 10pm time to watch some bullet

  6. some months ago hikaru uploaded a video having title as alireza has became a bullet god.
    today alireza actually proved it

  7. Sorry, but Alireza showed very bad sportsmanship when he let time run out…

  8. Glad that Alireza kicked Naka's ss and won the whole thing. Especially, after what happened with chessbrah. Fantastic!

  9. Alireza wearing a chessbrah merch sends a huge message to the community. Hikaru is a loser and has 20 year history of being a crybaby and a manchild

  10. ماشالله علیرضا 👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆

  11. Hess: what have you done differently in the past 6 months??

    Alireza: I just got better at chess

    What a legend

  12. Hikaru striking Eric's Channel to the point he could lose it, is beyond low. His twitch fame has consumed his soul.

  13. Great match!! But man I'd love to see Carlsen in this tournament.. After all he is having a big plus score against Tang, Naroditsky and even against Alireza on Lichess in 1+0 Bullet while holding the all time Bullet rating record there as well !!
    Hikaru vs Magnus 1+0 would be super exciting

  14. Hikaru lost to Great Alireza 1+0 bullet. Only Magnus could challenge Alireza in this time control. It is time to move to more modern platform for 1 minute bullets without ridiculous and outdated time lags and time additions on each move, so Magnus can participate in such events. Remember- due to this ridiculous, outdated delay system on chess_dot_com, Magnus refused participate on it. By the way I ve heard other non-American 3000+ players complained about 1+ bullet time lags and increments (reduction of residual time) on each move on chess_com. Even if few American GMs are vested into chess_com, 1+0 championships on chess_com are very skewed. Magnus has interest in chess_24- so it is also not so fair to hold 1+0 online championships there. The more neutral platform and more advanced platform- that allow to play 1+0 games without time drops is currently lichess. Lichess is currently the best. hikaru is no longer champion of this time control, to be fair -(message for sponsors, to hold to chess_com)-so let's move such events to lichess.

  15. Good games! Good effort by Andrew and Hikaru too

  16. Please stop changing the camera set up during time scrambles. That is very disturbing and annoying.

  17. بهت افتخارمیکنیم علیرضا کاش درکشور خودت بودی افسوس ناکسان برکشورحاکمن ولی پسر دمت گرم👏👏👏😘❤❤

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