GM Hikaru Nakamura vs IM Daniel Rensch: Bullet Brawls Chess #111

If you only watch one bullet brawl all year — you’re really missing out.

But if you really have to pick one, this is the match you’ve been waiting for: USA #1 GM Hikaru Nakamura vs. bullet brawl host IM Daniel Rensch!

How will IM Rensch do against a grandmaster he considers to be the best bullet chess player — EVER?

Watch till the end to see if IM Rensch is able to steal a game, and hear about his idea to ship Nakamura to a desert island of geniuses.

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  1. Funny. Danny Rensch and R. Hess are entertaining as chess comentators

  2. Can someone tell me just how good nakamura is. I'm pretty sure I could beat him if he had 30 seconds and I had 10 minutes.

  3. Thanks for another year of bullet brawl, danny! I've seen 'em all.

  4. Lol. I enjoyed the destruction. But so weird that a super gm is playing scrubs on a Wednesday morning. I don't picture magnus doing it.

  5. you are by far the most quotable chess player to ever play

  6. Super GM Hikaru Nakamura warms up for his Blitz Death Match on January 3rd by destroying our own IM Rensch in today's #bulletbrawl  

  7. "When in doubt, sack the queen and don't look back."

    – Danny Rensch, 2014. 

  8. Wonder why Danny keeps calling the Modern a Hedgehog.

  9. You have gotta love it! Thanks for the upload Sir.

  10. 5:30 That comment is just too good.

    I guess that playing bullet against Nakamura while simultaneously coming up with stuff like this is Mission Impossible.

  11. You can always play a computer at speed chess which is equally exciting if we are objectively looking at the beat down quality factor alone.

  12. well played Daniel….You lost to a Giant

  13. "Shake and bake" Taking Nakamura on!! Awesome video. 

  14. the funny thing is that danny won like two out of the next three games as was shown on the chessexplained channel.

  15. They'll be no GM this year with play like that Danny. Cannot believe there is 500 points between it looked like you were just a starting player

  16. Lol at 6:28. He doesn't want the piece,he want the whole thing. Epic

  17. Has Hikaru Played Comp-4 yet? In bullet the comps are wicked fast.

  18. Bet i would win if i had 1 day and he had 1 sec

  19. Don't feel bad you lost to a machine,  to a god forsaken, chess obsessed living, breathing doll-eyed like shark machine.

  20. It's always fun watching someone who is the best in the world at something doing their thing and seeing how well they handle a typical master.
    Also 6:30 happy Gilmore reference don't worry I got it.

  21. Everything about this video was awesome- the demented commentary, Hikaru's inhuman level of play, Danny's "it's all about the queen sac" approach and a good natured sportsmanlike attitude- thanks!

  22. Why is Hikaru a diamond member? It's not like he needs the additional features like us beginners do. I bet gave that to him for free.

  23. I wonder how long a normal human would have to study to get within throwing distance of Hikaru? How about an abnormal human?

  24. I wonder if Danny would have played better if he didn't know who is opponent was. I bet you he would have. now has a focus mode which will disguise that information. I love it. You can play inhibited.

  25. "I smell chess and candy." I just got it. XD
    I knew i knew that song!

  26. This is one of the least annoying videos with Daniel talking that I’ve ever seen in my life. Perhaps it’s because he’s getting slaughtered and isn’t interrupting tournament matches with his annoying ass analysis prediction board every 15 seconds. This video goes to show he has no right to do that to begin with, his decision making obviously isn’t anywhere near good enough to be interrupting high quality chess matches. Nice to see Hikaru put him in his place.

  27. Danny,, I can't believe that you missed that simple Rook takes f4… Its winning on the spot.. 7:01….instead you took with Bishop…..

  28. International Masters are shite aren't they?

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