GM Fabiano Caruana | Crazyhouse Bullet Chess

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  1. I love how Fabi seems like he doesn't know what he is doing at 8:43 and all of the sudden comes up with a brilliant mate

  2. fabi I am a great fan of yours from Italy!
    I followed the tata steel chess tournament and I was sad about the results but I am confident that you are gonna do great in the future!
    Go fabiano!

  3. please o'dude was drinking vodka out of that glass.

  4. Seriously what that dude doing sitting there saying nothing.
    May be stunned by 2800elo beside him.

  5. "He's being active. He has an active king."

  6. wtf kind of chess is this ive never seen this in my life

  7. Hi Eric, and Fabi too. Fabulous chess today, indeed. Awesome games and still just chillin with the boys! Thanks.

  8. Looking like a fool getting rekt at ZH SeemsGood

  9. Eric, time to face up to realities.There's no Chessbrah in this world but YOU !!! If you leave a stream to other unkown whoevers,
    supposed value of the video suddenly dissapers. (Even if it involves Fabiano Caruana)

  10. The "buddy" call is so fucking condescending and awkward to watch, I wish you guys would fuck it off and stop thinking it's cool..

  11. Caruana is gonna be a Yasser! 30 years from now! Lol

  12. do crazyhouse an bug more often they are way better than standard chess!

  13. Did Caruana think it was a nice idea to play crazyhouse to prepare for the Tata Steel tournament?

  14. haha the intern is so cute "I just started playing chess and I'm sitting to the world's #2"

  15. Well that was fun and different. Thanks guys.

  16. There is a party going on there! So it is like the cool kid party where Michael Phelps comes in and smokes some weed, but instead it is Fabi Caruana playing crazy house!

  17. This was awesome, Fabi is a beast as well as pretty funny 🙂 pls more of Fabi

  18. At around 8 minutes, what's the threatened mate in 3?

  19. Damn Mr Hansen, you dynamo. Look at what you have put together! +1 sir.

  20. I love Fabiano's reaction at the beginning of the video.

  21. now has the option to press control or something to not promote to a queen even with auto promotion on!

  22. Erichansen .is that a filipino?? Sitting beside fabi???

  23. 5:50

    "I've played some people with strange names"


    fabi is hilarious and probably has no idea why. More fabi please!

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