FINALE: Hikaru Awaits The Winner Of Danya, Alireza & Sam For Crown! Bullet Chess Championship 2024

The Bullet Chess Championship is’s most elite bullet event! 16 of the world’s fastest chess players compete to see who’s the best bullet player in the world. Four qualified players have joined 12 top invited players to compete in a $100,000 double-elimination bracket! This year’s event features Hikaru (4x champion), Firouzja (1x champion), Nihal, Naroditsky, Giri, Vachier-Lagrave, Praggnanandhaa, Caruana, and more!


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  1. 3:41:40 daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayum bro that game… crushed hikaru in 13 seconds '-'

  2. gg alireza, you had a winning position in almost every game. Hikaru, way to hang in, even if tilted.

  3. Aliereza in online chess tournament is crazy

  4. This benjamin bok keeps saying all these fanboy stuff even when Firouzja crushed all players throughout tournament: Hikaru should be the better bullet player and alireza is always behind the time, alireza just threw the game. Get rid of this fanboy from commentary please.

  5. 1:30:01 thatโ€™s not just โ€œa bookโ€ Danya is reading- its the Archipelago Gulag from Alexander Solchenyzin. Very important literature which you should know even if your ex gf isnโ€™t a Russian.

  6. You could see that Bok really supported Hikaru

  7. I think what this really shows is that even grandmasters have good and bad days.

  8. What a nice comeback for reza having to play so much chess in the losers bracket and still being good enough for the finals! Great and epic matches!

  9. Bro the benjmain dude is just being too much for no reason๐Ÿ˜‚…

  10. I don't think the commentators were bad or especially biased. Only bad one in the game was Hikaru. And mainly cause he again and again shows he is an asshole

  11. Hikaru got scrwd by an Iranian however is scrwing an Iranian every day soooooo. For the record i am a Alireza fan and as a Turkish i support Iranian guy

  12. The worst commentators โ€ฆ. The worst event โ€ฆ. Cheating! Bias! Lag! everything all in one

  13. Alireza roasted the commentators ๐Ÿ˜…

  14. Bok was so biased against Alireza. Is he Turkish btw? His name doesnโ€™t have a nice meaning in Turkish.

  15. Alireza is the king in bullets and other rapid formats.๐ŸŽ‰
    Maybe classical chess is not his type.๐Ÿ˜…

  16. Spoiler blocker. Hopefully not too late for others. I haven't watched the video yet but accidentally read one of the spoiler comments when loading the video. Thanks a lot, guys ๐Ÿ™

  17. Beating Hikaru twice in a row? Yep, letโ€™s go ahead and do the procedure.

  18. Amman is pretty funny occasionally and Bok is that bit more serious guy in this duo. I liked their commentary. Well done!

  19. I said it and I will say it again Alireza Feroujza is the Best blitz player in the World !! Go champ !

  20. Its laughable to say the commentators are biased, Bok and Aman both dislike Hikaru, but they were being professional and unbiased, they were just surprised to see Hikaru lose. Im very happy to see Hikaru lose, but feel bad for Sevian who was crewed over in the Firouza match.

  21. Commentary was like: Hikaru hikaru hikaru, reset reset reset

  22. The winner is Hikaru
    because the organizer broke the rules.

  23. Hikaru being a total baby when losing 6 straight. Embarrassing

  24. Aren't the commentators supposed to at least be neutral

  25. why the commentators dick riding 2 hikaru tho ?…Big up 2 alireza the prince of persia

  26. Congrats to Alireza for an amazing win. Shame on the producers for spoiling the result in the title and for putting such a biased and incompetent commentator like B. Bok to comment this. Hope Hess is back again soon.

  27. I love the face of hikaru when he is so tilted๐Ÿ˜‚

  28. 3:23:07 lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ hikaru did it against nihal and now he has got the taste of his own medicine. Alireza u beuty

  29. huge ali fan, but sevian had him beat. sevian had to beat lag in 2 games and alireza. gotta feel for sam in this one.

  30. Iโ€™m so glad hikaru got humiliated, they hire the worst mods on their channels along with levy to pin โ€œ of shame โ€œ any negative comment even the constructive ones. They are the worst. Trust me.

  31. The Flash Vs. Reverse Flash ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ™ƒ

  32. I was against the cancellation of the game won by Sevian. I did not like the antics / angle shooting by Firouzja after that match. In retrospect, I did not know what to make of the Christmas time special tournament made for Firouzja to increase his rating so he could participate in the Candidate, but now I know it is character related. I did not finish the Kramnik Martinez game after the similar behavior of Kramnik nor did I finish this one. The state of chess is sadly becoming repulsive to me.

  33. 1:51:23 If Firouzja is having a good day, he can have Dania's number.
    Wtf Bok!?!

  34. Congrats Alireza for the 1st place.
    Hikaru is the greatest bullet player of all time for sure.

  35. Same lag issue that happened to Kramnik also happened to Alireza and Sam.

  36. In both English and Spanish, the narrators were extremely biased, almost sad that Nakamura did not satisfy his unhappy prognosis. I enjoyed Alireza's victory doubly

  37. Comentators were so biased for Hikaru

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