Everything Works for Hikaru in Bullet

Hikaru played a great bullet match with Oleksandr Bortnyk – please follow him at and


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  1. Hikaru : I'm too old for this 💩 . My younger self was stronger
    Also Hikaru: defeats and destroys everyone

  2. didnt know Olexandr Bortnyk was funny like that

    guess i'll give some time to watch him

  3. Bortnik's complaining at the very beginning reminds me of a similar complaint from Eric Hansen. Helplessness and frustration.

  4. Hikaru you shouldn’t quit so soon. Take a lesson from the pool legends. Be the last man standing.

  5. Hikaru is basically actually infinitely better than me at chess, hard to believe.

  6. Just read some news. If in russia youtube and vpn will be blocked, i won't be able to watch Hikaru ever again. If it really happens I just want to say… the time i spent with you and chess community was TOTALLY worth it. Hikaru Nakamura, you are the best chess player of all time and of course my legend. I will be here as long as i can.

  7. If I trick u then u have to pin and like

    Read more…

  8. Please hikaru do list of all worst and simply bad openings

  9. I can really tell Hikaru likes screwing with him because when he won around 18:30, he says "Another loss [for Olek]" instead of thinking "another win for me" lmao

  10. 18:27 you know you're a super villain when you stop counting your wins and instead count your opponent's losses.

  11. Hikaru really made a disrespect speedrun out of a 3100 rated player💀

  12. Bruh I'm 300 ELO in I think it's rapid: 10-30 min games. I can't even imagine playing bullet.

  13. You hang the rook. rook c8 and bortnyk didn't take😵 😱 12-1 game

  14. I like how it so well known that also hikaru sees a free knight and says oh yea gg before he even took it, and on my level in blitz games if i accidently blonder my queen i shouldnt really resign cuz my opponent will get hyped and lose focus to the point that its maybe even better to blonder a queen

  15. Hikaru definitely hitting on all eight cylinders!!

  16. When I watch bullet games of Magnus, Hikaru or Danya at .25% speed on mute, I can actually understand what's going on…

  17. Bortnyk is no pushover, he has beaten Magnus many times in bullet. But Hikaru mauls him.

  18. Im just hoping that bishop a3 on premove modern defense will occur someday.

  19. now i get why hikuru plays so well… he gets super lucky every time

  20. watching sadistic-psychotic hikaru is so cute and fun to watch. i love the passion that hikaru has for chess. life is fun with passion

  21. Takes a lot of persistence and courage to keep fighting Hikaru for that many losses in a row

  22. I wanna see Magnus vs Hikaru play 100 games 1+0 time format

  23. Hikaru's villain laugh is the funniest thing ever. Cause you know his opponent is fucking raging on the other side 😂

  24. That is some real bullying right there.

  25. Can someone please explain how 4:49 is game over? I'm confused as there is no check

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