Eric’s Bullet Speedrun (800-1000)

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  1. Re-uploaded with a bit of background music. See you for episode 2!

  2. 800-1000 takes 40 mins for a gm. Imagine he loses 1 game in his main account. -300 rating lol

  3. Another speedrun idea: play only with either white or black pieces to 3000.

  4. 2:00 "Let's go for a checkmate if they don't take the rook. Ahh, they took it".
    LOL 700 rated players take anything they can. It's the law.

  5. Yo was just rewatching your old blitz speedrun, perfect timing for this. Can't wait!

  6. I’m also better the second time around with music and lights off.

  7. 17:29
    That's the queen's gambit, and then you get the queen back
    Eric after winning a pawn back

  8. It's crazy how chill he is in 1 min bullet, I'm there hunched over yelling at the monitor for extra speed while blundering everything

  9. I love the way you give a small detail about every move you make. It helps slow the game down for us that can't keep up

  10. LETS GOOOOOO bullet speedruns are my favorite chess content

  11. Excelente con música es diferente, muy bien.

  12. this is about my level for bullet and exactly why i don't play bullet. every other move is a blunder

  13. one day I will play Eric a game of chess ,but I dont know how to gift a sub or what is a sub or how to be cool . I grew up on a poatao dirt farm without electricity am not good with fast paced life ,but enjoy the game of chess and that's the way it is !!!

  14. Of course it was easy for you
    You eat 2000 – 2500 players for breakfast…. 800 – 1000 for you is as simple as putting children blocks into their shapes 🤣

  15. BLUNDER SPOTTED!!! 8:19 of the video. See if you can spot what GM cgy flames missed. (Don't worry, I'm not claiming I could ever in ten lifetimes beat Eric once in any time format).

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