Eric’s Bullet Speedrun (800-1000)

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  1. my worst chess format, lets learn from the big chief himself

  2. he's not even looking into the camera in the intro

  3. Always fun to watch Rookies Vs. GMs when the Rookies have a .00000000000001% chance of winning if the GM isn't paying attention. And yes I was exaggerating. The chances of them winning is much lower. 😄

  4. Playing the silican in three dight rated chess. Do this to shock your opponent

  5. Eric reps the flames in his bullet chess speedrun and Johnny Gaudreau finally gets 100pts on the season. Coincidence? Absolutely not.

  6. this video is my all time fav! Love how cool,calm and controlled Eric is with only a minute to play. God I love chess!

  7. add a win – loss counter and speedrun timer pls 😉

  8. Eric who do you have in the western finals this year? I'm thinking Colorado vs. Calgary or VGK if they make it

  9. Yay watching a superhero beat up toddlers is my favourite! 😊

  10. hahähahaha love it but aren't you supposed to have a smurf in your profile picture, grumpy smurf ?

  11. I would much rather see a 40min video of you playing at your normal rating rather than beating up noobs.

  12. I just wanna say theres someone who reuploed this video and i thought it was you

  13. Yo Erics looking more and more chinese these days. That boys body is calling home to the motherland.

  14. Eric has a free piece at 16:35 with bishop takes C3+ he wins the knight or the bishop, i saw it literally before he made his move, sometimes im like he had to have seen it and was looking for better😂

  15. class act aborting the game vs. the first timer. respect

  16. Your blitz speedrun is probably one of the youtube videos (series) I've seen the most of all youtube, just because of the combination of techno music + high level chess + your personality. Loved to see this all over again! (Never stop listening to this kind of music. It's a BANGER to have it in the background)

  17. It’s the Flames’ year! See you on the Red Mile

  18. the blitz speedrun was the first chessbrah video I ever watched. So excited to see another one

  19. 27:55
    That's "remeber," actually. Funny how you don't see typos in names at high levels.

  20. You microphone makes it hard to clearly understand what youre saying

  21. Eric is one of my favorite people in the chess world. He’s got the mr Mackey vibes

  22. really love the speedruns you guys are doing keep it up 🙂

  23. I often wonder how many games I play (900 rated) where I feel like loss is inevitable and if someone like Eric took over they could easily turn it into a win.

  24. I don't understand the hype for these speed runs. You're all GM level types and decide to slum it on new accounts to troll people of way less experience and skill levels. What's the draw here?

  25. It's amazing watching Eric utilizing all of the lessons taught in the building habits series at a much higher level. You guys are amazing and easily my favorite chess players. With love, from Canada!!!

  26. Man are all people who show up in my bullet games speedrunners? cause I get destroyed like that every game ;-;

  27. Eric’s the best. Not so sure about that intro and outro though lmao

  28. 6:50 I'm 1100 blitz and you would be surprised how often people overlook this. You can set it up really easily in the Ruy Lopez. Bring your bishop to c2 when they kick it away.

  29. “This oppents gonna forget” … 1 move later “He played really well, then forgot” MATE

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